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God repeatedly says we need faith. Why? Maybe because He knew He had created us in such a way we would question Him, why we exist, what the meaning of life is, etc - and also that He gave us the capacity to argue any point of view. He gave us the intellect to do this. Humans are very good at justifying anything they think or do. It is psychology (again!) As a result He knew we would have to have faith to accept Him. It is no good to say that if He had made Himself and His character more obvious, there would have been no need for faith. That’s not true, as people do not necessarily believe things, even if they see them or experience them.

I would say that for many people faith in God does not start with intellectual conviction, but often it is an emotional response at an important stage in their life. This is then backed up later with intellectual arguments, which ensure that the faith continues. I think it is seldom, if ever, that someone is “argued” into faith by intellectual arguments. The person they hear the arguments from is usually more important than the arguments themselves.

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