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I touched on this above under “Christianity as a closed system”. If we are happy with the status quo, why change? I don’t know a lot about other world religions. All I know is that whenever I’ve heard bits and pieces of alternatives, they have never grabbed me, and made me think perhaps I’d better look into it in depth. I have read more about Islaam than any of the others, and that certainly has no appeal. I suppose I’d rather spend my time fruitfully within a system which I am happy with, then spend a lot of time looking at others that may ultimately be blind alleys. I guess if I ever had any qualms that Christianity might not be right, then I might have spent more time looking at the other world religions. However, I doubt very much whether “the correct one hasn’t been manufactured yet”! On the assumption there is a God, I am sure He would have revealed Himself in one way or another after all this time!!! (which of course to my mind He has – He did it straight away as soon as He had created Adam!)

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