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Reasons for Belief. T1

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There are two important questions here:-

  1. Why does God demand faith?
  2. Where does faith arise from and why does it persist?
My answers:
  1. I could understand why God would want trust, but this isn’t the same as faith, which itself isn’t the same as belief. Trust applies in situations where we have few doubts about ontological matters, only about the character of the one depended on. Beliefs are usually only held where we’re confident that the proposition believed in is true, whereas we can have faith in something we believe is most likely false (in extreme cases, a leap of faith into the dark). (Sylvia’s Response1). Also, belief isn’t necessarily saving (witness the testimony of “the Epistle of Straw”) – the demons belief, and tremble (it is said). They just aren’t on the right side. (Sylvia’s Response2). I have no problem with the story of Christianity, if only I thought we had good reason to believe it. I don’t wish it false, I just don’t think it true – and my emotional reaction is neither here nor there. In case we lose track of what my objections are, there are at the following link3. (Sylvia’s Response4)
  2. I may agree with you about the origins of faith, but as said before, this is neither here nor there. The question is, however we come by a belief or a (faith-stance) what are good reasons for retaining it when the emotional rush has subsided. (Sylvia’s Response5). Maybe most people (despite Aristotle’s definition of man as a “rational biped”) aren’t very rational, and are excused from examining their beliefs in any detail, so can carry on believing because they respect Pastor so-and-so, but for some of us that option isn’t open. We have greater responsibility.
There’s more on faith in the following Note6.

(Sylvia’s Response7)

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