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We need to distinguish metaphysics from epistemology. Metaphysics relates to what there is, epistemology to how we know about what there is. So, your original approach might be right epistemologically (ie. you come to know about Christ through the Bible) but is wrong metaphysically (the metaphysical basis of your faith is Christ, not the Bible that proclaims him). So far so good.

But what’s the epistemological basis now? Is this still the Bible? (Confirmed as “Yes” by Sylvia).

The disciples and some others met Jesus the man, and Paul thought he’d met the risen Christ. Yet you haven’t met either, as far as I know (I certainly haven’t). So, what’s the basis for believing in Jesus as Messiah (and so on) rather than someone else? Now, obviously no-one believes in a Messiah they know to be false (though some will believe in Messiahs known to be false, but not so known or accepted by them). Presumably it’s because you like the stories in the Gospels and the arguments in the Epistles. Or is it some indubitable extra?

I find the whole area of faith hard to tackle. If we only believed things with an intrinsic probability > 0.5, we’d miss out on a lot of truths, and be tossed about by doubts. But the necessity of faith doesn’t license us to believe what we like.

When I dealt with this before, I had this1 to say …

(Sylvia’s Response2).

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