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A few points here:

  1. I wasn’t really recommending looking around, though maybe our views of the apparent folly of other religions are coloured somewhat by ignorance. Imagine what their views (or even those of most English people) of Christianity are – “something to do with Father Christmas”. All the great world religions have been developed at one time or another by serious seekers after truth and meaning, variously developed, misunderstood and corrupted over the ages.
  2. Of course, none of this makes any of them correct. Everyone seeks an off-the-shelf product (all convinced that the one manufactured in their locality is the best one), when maybe none of them fits the bill. All this stops us really thinking for ourselves, and acting for ourselves. (Sylvia’s Response1)
  3. As we’ve discussed earlier2, there are potentially two sorts of revelation – General and Special. Maybe there is no Special Revelation, and we’re supposed to determine what’s what using our natural intelligence and cooperative powers as a species. The end result might be (as materialists believe) that there’s no “life after death” – in fact why in the natural run of things would anyone expect any such thing, other than from the fact that we’re “programmed” (by natural selection, I’d say) to want to continue surviving (given that an organism that doesn’t struggle for survival will fail). There seems nothing to switch off this desire to survive when the desire can no longer be satisfied, but this may just be a “bug”. Some religious people (eg. Buddhists, and the Sadducees) seem to accept (or even long for) annihilation at death. Annihilationism is often seen as being “unfair” – “what about those who’ve had miserable lives, don’t they deserve to have their books balanced in an afterlife”. This is the natural (though not necessarily correct) reading of the parable “the Rich Man and Lazarus”. Now evangelical Christianity rejects this view in general – it’s only the saints who get their books balanced, the rest get infinitely more woe. Even believers in conditional immortality still don’t have the books balanced for the majority of mankind. So, resurrection doesn’t provide a general solution to the problem of injustice, because the majority either don’t experience it, or wish they hadn’t.
(Sylvia’s Response3)

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