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The common assumption that all beliefs are held by faith (ie. are uncertain, though not necessarily with probability of truth < 0.5), and therefore that those who exercise faith cannot be criticised for irrationality, ignores the probabilities.

  1. It is not possible to live an integrated life without a world view and impossible to find one that is reasonable in the above sense of "reasonable belief". Hence, faith is inevitable if we are to live an integrated life.
  2. However, some world views are less probable than others and the more they go beyond what can with reasonable probability be demonstrated, the less probable they become, and the less reason we have for basing our lives on them.
  3. In particular, each time a genuine objection is found to a belief, while this objection may not have strict logical force and so be fatal to the belief (ie. reducing its probability towards zero) it is still damaging to the belief and greatly reduces its probability and that of the enclosing worldview that is dependent on that belief.

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