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I have sought to demonstrate that the objections facing traditional Christianity are many and cogent. Hence, its probability as a world view is very low and the amount of faith required to sustain it is very high.

  1. I assert that much of the faith required of a modern believer is entirely incremental to that expected of those to whom the Christian message was first delivered. To the original hearers, Christianity would have appeared much more reasonable.
  2. We must not forget the aspect of initial unfamiliarity, however. The Cross may have been a stumbling block to the Jews and foolishness to the Greeks, but its edge has been blunted by nearly 2,000 years of cultural familiarity.
  3. Also, this is not to suggest that the exercise of faith today displays greater virtue than that of the early saints, for a number of reasons:-
    • Firstly, belief contrary to evidence is not virtuous.
    • Secondly, belief is no longer associated with persecution (at least not in the comfortable West).
    • Finally, many of the original objections to the Christian faith and its practise are no longer felt : for instance, we are no longer perplexed by someone's refusal to sacrifice to the genius of the Emperor (as was Pliny), rather the reverse.

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