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The main problem with Biblical ontology is its postulation of spiritual entities such as angels, demons, Satan, spirits, heaven & hell. Such entities do not seem to have any place in the physical universe (though some have attempted to locate heaven!) and are not normally, if at all, observable.

  1. Such, or analogous, entities seem to have formed part of what was expected in ancient societies. It is easy to suspect that, since the physical universe was not then very well understood, its approved contents was wider in certain directions than is now thought probable.
  2. The fact that we cannot disprove the existence of the above does not count in their favour. Since there is no conceivable experiment we can perform to verify or falsify the existence or otherwise of these entities, they are prime candidates for removal by Occam's razor.
  3. We have already discussed the possibility of the existence of heaven & hell. The somewhat extended discussion of non-divine spiritual beings is reserved for an Appendix.
  4. The treatment of the spiritual (including God and the heavenly host) as "wholly other" is an attempt at reconstruction. In this case, how could we obtain any information about it? The Biblical writers definitely seem to assume the possibility of interaction with this realm in physical terms.

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