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The Biblical cosmogony (theory of origins) appears to be one of recent creation ex nihilo.

  1. This, at least, is the straightforward reading of the texts. Attempts to make them read otherwise seem to be motivated more by a desire for harmonisation than by the force of the texts themselves.
  2. Objections to this Biblical view appear on two fronts :-
    • Theories of the origin of matter.
    • Theories of the origin & evolution of life.

  3. The physical universe appears to be of immense size and, therefore - because of the finite (and constant) speed of light - of immense age1.
  4. All biological evolutionary theories (whether Darwinian, neo-Darwinian or other) are repugnant to a straightforward reading of Genesis & related passages. The basic assumption of such passages is that all things, whether animate or otherwise, were created (whether ex nihilo or derivatively) by the action of a personal fabricator, namely God. There is no intimation that chance or the action of natural processes over long periods of time had a hand in this.
  5. Certain biological facts, however, require treating with much greater seriousness than they have historically been by fundamentalist Christians. For example, those anatomical facts that are difficult to reconcile with design2.
  6. Evolutionary3 theory has been parodied by Christians, particularly with respect to probability and entropy.
  7. Attempts to counter the various theories of biological evolution by arguments from design (the cosmological argument) are unsuccessful. The force of the argument is due mainly to a lack of imagination and to current ignorance concerning the precise mechanism of evolution. The evolutionist's contention is that living things have only the appearance of design.
  8. The story of Adam & Eve4, ignored by the Old Testament after Genesis, is integral to the New Testament. The Pauline doctrine of the Fall and of the consequent need for salvation is linked to it (in Romans 5, 1 Corinthians 15 & 1 Timothy 2).
  9. It must be noted that evolution pervades other areas of physical science on which the Bible is silent, eg. the evolution of the chemical elements within stars. I do not think that the Bible objects to evolution per se.

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