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Various religious systems may seem to have a simple basis, eg. "Allah is great and Muhammed is his prophet" or "God has given us his Word that is inerrant and tells us all about him", but this simplicity is deceptive.

  1. The reasons for this state of affairs are twofold:
    • Firstly, such simplistic bases have very little explanatory power. Hence, such statements do not form the basis for much else.
    • Secondly, the written revelations tend to be complex, difficult to interpret systematically, and require considerable effort to reconcile them with the way things are. Hence, such simplistic statements are far from being simple to apply.
  2. An objection1 that might be raised to the above is that the simplicity or explanatory power of a GUT would be superficial and, as we have alleged of religious maxims, difficult to apply in practise. What is the difference?

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