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As an example of the lack of elegant simplicity in Christian doctrine, let us take the doctrine of direct creation versus the theory of evolution. Why object to the idea of direct creation ? Because there appears to be genuine disagreement on this question, it is worth spelling out the issues, however obvious they may appear to some.

  1. The doctrine of direct creation says nothing about how the various living forms were created nor how our universe or our planetary system came into being.
  2. The doctrine of direct creation does not explain why the forms of animate & inanimate things are as they are (except in a purposive sense).
  3. Consequently, the doctrine of direct creation has no explanatory power. Since, under the model of direct creation, we do not know how these things individually came into being or why they show the characteristics they do, we cannot systematise these processes and draw out common principles. Similarly, we cannot explain any irregularities.
  4. Summarising the above, we see that the theory of direct creation is a dead end. It simply posits ad hoc reasons for why things are as they are and does not know how they got that way. It does not even answer any theological questions as to why things are as they are. In brief, it is ugly.
  5. Many Christians are impressed by the arguments against direct creation & accept evolution (whether theistic or otherwise) into their world views. Other Christians think that doing so would fatally damage the foundations of Christianity and so hold out against it, often under the guise that evolutionary theory is scientifically objectionable, when their real objections are theological.
  6. Either way, the above dilemma complicates the foundations of Christianity.
  7. Similar difficulties arise in many other areas, as we will see presently, which undermines the presuppositional simplicity of Christianity. This occurs because not only must the propositions of Christianity be held to be true, but the objections, whether scientific or otherwise, have to be supposed to be false.

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