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The fundamentals that I consider to be essential parts of any reconstruction of Christianity were given in a previous section1. They are repeated below, with comments.

  1. The existence of a personal, good, loving and omnipotent God2, interested in, but not confined by, the material universe.
  2. The existence of ubiquitous corruption3 in the universe and man, resulting from a fall from initial righteousness, and of some form of universal need in man of salvation.
  3. The existence of the man Jesus4 of Nazareth with a personality approximating to that with which he is portrayed in the Gospels.
  4. The extraordinary status of Jesus as the unique Son5 of God.
  5. The physical death & physical resurrection6 of Jesus.
  6. The effectiveness of Jesus' death & resurrection in procuring salvation7 for the believer, and the efficacy of faith in Jesus to avail the believer of that salvation.
  7. The continued and eternal existence8 of the believer, with a substantially preserved personality, in a state of happiness after death, commencing at or before some form of resurrection.
  8. The ultimate restoration9 of man and the universe to a form analogous to that of the initial righteousness and blessedness enjoyed before the fall.

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