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It may be possible to modify the interpretation of some or all of the perceived statements of a religion to make them congruent with the modern world view.

  1. However, modifying our interpretation in a forced manner only leads to self deception. We have to be clear what it is we are trying to achieve.
  2. If our hope is that certain statements of the religion have always been misinterpreted, our re-interpretation must be done in such a way that a case can reasonably be made that the initial message of the religious system has been seriously misunderstood in previous epochs due to misinterpretation under alien categories, and that the proposed reconstruction was the most reasonable from the beginning.
  3. If we think that the original intention of the religious statements was wrong or deficient, we must clearly say so, and make clear that our intention is to use these old (but inadequate) ideas as a springboard for our own new (and, hopefully, more accurate) ideas.
  4. Such attempts at deconstruction and reconstruction are to be treated with great suspicion.
  5. When evaluating a theological reconstruction, we must be careful to determine which of the two alternatives is proposed. We must be wary in case the two approaches have been confused or, as is more likely, in case the latter approach has been disguised as the former in order to make it appear more acceptable.

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