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The fact that fundamentalist Christianity is filling the churches is a symptom of despair.

  1. In the developed world, the despair is caused by the barrenness of modern commercial culture.
  2. Outside the developed world, despair has been addressed by other forms of Christianity, whether traditional Catholic, "liberation theology Catholic" or Eastern Orthodox.
  3. In the communist world (as was), despair is caused by the similar barrenness of oppressive regimes without freedom of expression. The problems in much of the communist world are now scarcely distinguishable from those of much of the third world.
  4. In the developing world, despair is caused by poverty, repression & corruption.
  5. In all three cases of despair, a quick solution to all too apparent ills is craved, namely, purity, certainty & hope in exchange for the dirt, doubt & despair of life.
  6. The above comments apply pro rata to other fundamentalist religions such as Islam.

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