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Some have tried to jettison the "supernatural elements" of Christianity while seeking to retain its moral code. As we have noticed elsewhere, though there is clearly a great deal of value in Christian morality, its motivation, and a number of specific moral values, depend on its theistic infrastructure.

  1. Western society is still suffering from the effects of the transition from a formerly received morality based on Christian theism to one that is seen to be more securely grounded in the currently received philosophy of secular humanism.
  2. Any system of morality must place constraints on those who submit to it. Therefore, if frequent rebellion is to be avoided, it is essential that those who are expected to be subject to any system of morality understand the foundations on which it rests.
  3. It is not clear that such a justification of a secular morality has yet been performed, or is even possible. This subject is further touched on in this paper, in an Appendix1.

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