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We may have to give up the idea of ultimate purpose for the individual (in the sense of a purpose that is not thwarted by death). However, we are not thereby committed to a despondent attitude to a supposedly meaningless life.

  1. The idea that the only alternative to a life undergirded by a divine purpose is a stoic "making do" with a bad, meaningless lot is overly pessimistic.
  2. Life is rarely one of unremitting despond, and most people treat it as a boon (as is demonstrated by their eagerness to prolong it). Those who enjoy a measure of freedom in life would do best to use it to maximum advantage while it is available rather than bemoan the fact that their life must one day come to an end.
  3. Sadly, it does appear to be the case that many human beings do spend a good proportion of their lives in misery (though much of this misery may be exaggerated by an over-zealous empathy based on our own imagined feelings were we, psychologically unprepared & with our own expectations of life, to be suddenly transported to such an unhappy position).
  4. That this situation is an evil is obvious, but it is not resolved by any religious system (and, in fact, may be made more comfortable for affluent consciences to bear by the pious thought that the inscrutable divine ways will make all things turn out right in the end). Rather, it constitutes a classic problem for moral theism and for theodicy.

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