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Similarly, with respect to chiasmus and other literary structures, more zeal than knowledge is displayed.

  1. Evidently, structure, rather than rhyme, is the key to Hebrew poetry. As such, those who thought in Hebrew or Aramaic may have had a feel for literary structure that affected the way they wrote their letters and other literary productions.
  2. The practical use of structures in Biblical exegesis appears to be as arbitrary as that of numerics. Often, the supposedly matching members of a structure are of such dubious connection & of such disparate size that, if genuinely present at all, are more evidences against inerrancy than for it.
  3. In fact, neither numerics nor structures have much to do with inerrancy. They are more relevant to what might be termed literary perfection. There is no necessary connection between literary perfection & inerrancy, but, in any case, the evidence is against the literary perfection of the Bible.
  4. The fact that conflicting structures tend to be developed from the same passage by different exegetes demonstrates that the structure is more likely the creation of the exegete than of the original author.

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