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A frequent fundamentalist assumption is that numerical relationships & textual structures have been built into the Biblical texts by divine inspiration, without the authors being aware of them.

  1. Sometimes, however, as in acrostics, an artificial scheme was clearly adopted, maybe for ease of memorisation.
  2. On the rare occasions where numbers are given explicit significance in the Bible, as in Revelation 13:18 ("666") and possibly such passages as John 21:11 (153 fish), no light is shed and the interpretations are as many as the expositors.
  3. The whole notion of a secret numerical infrastructure to the Bible is Kabbalistic / Gnostic in tenor and is repugnant to the plain moral sense of Scripture.
  4. The clear instances of structure may be the unconscious but humanly explicable application of good style.
  5. The majority of supposed instances of divinely implanted numerics or structure in the Bible may be attributed to pure chance or pure fiction.
  6. It is also important to remember those counter-examples of poor style, grammar & structure that abound. For instance, the Apostle Paul's inability to resist a good diversion has had the effect of making his writings very difficult to understand.

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