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I would like to draw a distinction between two distinct aspects of any ethical theory that should not be confused. From now on, I will use the terms ethics and morality, respectively, for these two aspects.

  1. I will use the term ethics with reference to the principles that underlie right action, irrespective of any praise or blame that might accrue to any individual action or agent.
  2. This is not to suggest that "virtue is its own reward". For instance, a priori, the principles of right action might well turn out to be hedonistic, at least in part. However, I am suggesting that ethical theory is primarily prospective : it looks forward to the results of actions.
  3. I will reserve the term morality1 for the concern with awarding praise or blame to individual actions or agents consequent on successful or unsuccessful attempts to implement ethical or unethical actions. Hence, I am suggesting that morality is essentially retrospective, as in the case of moral judgements of past actions.

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