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I reject this assertion, if only because I do notbelieve, as a point of contingent fact, that the Bible can stand up to this scrutiny (for which, see later). Moreover, I do not believe that we are justified in simply ruling out all events of an extraordinary nature recorded in an ancient source. Such records may be entertained provided certain conditions are met, as follows.

  1. Briefly, the conditions that need to be satisfied before we should take seriously the record of an ancient extraordinary event relate to the general reliability & reasonableness of the source. These conditions are as follows:
    • The source must recognise the claim it is making as being extraordinary in the general run of things, but as reasonable as part of some wider scenario that the source recognises, and that we today still find intelligible.
    • The source must be generally sensible & moderate in its accounts and judgements.
    • In its accounts of normal events, the source should be as accurate as would normally be expected of a historian (taking some account of the standards and methods of the period). That is, the source should attempt to be accurate, candid & truthful and should avoid gross errors, whether of commission or omission.
  2. If conditions such as the above are met, I consider that the records may at least be taken seriously.
  3. I consider that, for reasons elaborated later, the Bible usually satisfies these conditions.

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