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A general hypothesis that is ubiquitous in science is that of uniformitarianism. That is, that the laws of physics are taken to be constant with respect to both space & time.

  1. The reasons for this hypothesis are twofold. Firstly, it seems to be borne out by the limited corner of spacetime available for our analysis. Secondly, it is the only workable assumption we can adopt. We would get nowhere in science if we were to assume that the laws of physics vary capriciously whenever they are out of the range of investigation.
  2. Where exceptions are entertained, for instance in Guth's inflationary model of the universe, this is because of boundary conditions at which we have no right to expect the normal laws of physics to apply. Hawking's attempts to describe a universe without boundary conditions is a neater solution which, if coherent, is to be preferred.

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