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There is only one logic or method of reasoning. Since logic is basic to argument and to thought, it is not possible to for or argue against a system of logic other than that commonly received. It is also difficult to imagine what an alternative system of logic would be like.

  1. Work has been done on developing so-called deviant or alternative logics (eg. those that deny the law of excluded middle), but has not so far borne fruit. In Quine's phrase, those who redefine basic logical terms simply "change the subject".
  2. Since there is only one valid system of logic, the expressions human logic or human reason, in supposed opposition to divine logic or divine reason, are confused notions. However, the propositions accepted as self-evident by individuals or groups may be false & based on prejudice. Correct reasoning based on incorrect premises will usually lead to false statements about the world.
  3. A distinction needs to be drawn between logic as such and its formalism. The formalism of logic is capable of development (eg. from the propositional calculus to modal logic) and is still being so developed. Also, alternative formalisms are possible. However, logic, in the sense of rules of thought is as old as its applications.
  4. Logic is not a response to the world. I assume that logic as normally understood is a prescription for any possible world. Certainly, the distinction often drawn between synthetic and analytic propositions presupposes this.

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