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The allegedly unverifiable statement "there exists a transcendent God" is only obviously so if such a God is supposed never to become immanent.

  1. The Judeo-Christian God, who is understood not to be contained by the universe, may be considered to be transcendent. However, since he is also understood to get involved with the world, he is knowable and therefore his existence & putative attributes are verifiable to the extent to which he becomes involved.
  2. Speculations about what God is like "in himself" (ie. in his transcendence), whether Trinitarian or otherwise, are unverifiable in principle & are therefore best avoided.
  3. We might ask how we might come to know God in his transcendence if all we know of him is gleaned from his immanent interactions with us. It could only be because we were told of it. Even then, it is difficult to see how we could accept the divine statement except on trust.

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