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The more time we have to consider an experience, the less likely we are to misinterpret it, because we have a greater opportunity to re-evaluate the situation.

  1. Our minds (or "brains", assuming the truth of the mind-brain identity theory) continue to search for interpretations of experiences until a "fit" is found.
  2. In the case of leisurely perceptions, the search may continue until the best available fit is obtained.
  3. In the case of urgent situations, the first approximate fit may be accepted as the correct interpretation, though we may subsequently persuade ourselves that we could not have perceived what we thought we had if the alleged perception contradicts our understanding of the world.
  4. Hence, if we believe in flying saucers (or nodding statues, or angels) we may generate them as possible "fits" to a situation, whereas if we don't, they will be low on our list of possibilities: we will tend to screen them out.

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