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There is much debate in current Christian circles about the validity of present experiences of a presumed supernatural nature.

  1. Since such experiences are often private, or take place in obscure parts of the world, or are capable of more than one explanation, or are of doubtful veracity, or are taken as evidence for mutually contradictory propositions, they are to be rejected as insufficient testimony on which to establish any system of beliefs of such far-reaching consequences as Christianity.
  2. The above is a contention related matters of fact, rather than to a matter of principle. I am not stating a priori that Christianity could not be founded on present supernatural experience. This would be the optimum state of affairs, making Christianity as verifiable or falsifiable as any scientific theory. What I am saying is that present so-called "supernatural" experience cannot, as a contingent fact, be demonstrated to be supernatural and is, therefore, not valid evidence for anything substantial.

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