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So-called numinous experience, which forms the bulk of Christian experience, is even more nebulous & unreliable.

  1. That is, the experience of closeness to God, and of communion with him in prayer & worship (even including the experience of conversion itself) can all be explained psychologically. They are insufficiently concrete to form the basis of reasonable belief.
  2. It has been argued that religious experience is ubiquitous in human society and civilisation and is, therefore, a fact of the world that any analysis of the world must reckon with. While it is true that religious experience is an almost universal fact of the world, any so-called higher reality allegedly underlying this experience is not demonstrable from that experience itself, though it may, in some way, be confirmed by it.
  3. In other words, while it is true that numinous experiences are genuine experiences, it is far from clear what they are experiences of, and, therefore, what they are evidence for.
  4. Again, I am not meaning to deny the importance of numinous experience in the Christian life. It is only its evidential value that I am critical of.

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