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Biblical psychology attributes to human beings souls (and / or spirits, according to the interpretation). This leads to difficulties analogous to the mind / body problem. In fact, the difficulties are worse, for it is not normally suggested that the mind can exist independently of the brain, whereas this facility (of disembodied existence) is often claimed for souls and spirits.

  1. Few philosophers now consider that bodies have souls or minds floating about inside them, and even evangelical Christian neuro-scientists (D.M. MacKay, for example) are willing to propose, or at least consider as a possibility, the mind / brain identity theory.
  2. The problem with a spiritual or mental entity controlling a physical one is that we have no way of explaining their interaction. Since no satisfactory answer has been found, philosophers have tended to reduce the mental to the physical (materialism) or vice-versa (immaterialism or idealism).
  3. It is to be noted that the above problem applies globally to the interaction of the spiritual (should there be such) and the physical. Attempts to explain the spiritual as material, but of another "glorified" kind, are rather desperate and also non-traditional. It is not clear what the Apostle Paul meant by a "spiritual body".

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