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The physical universe appears to be of immense size and, therefore - because of the finite (and constant) speed of light - of immense age.

  1. Hence, the overthrow of the Continuous Creation theories of Bondi, Hoyle & Gold in favour of the "Big Bang" does not help much to reconcile modern cosmological theory with the presuppositions of the Bible. According to modern cosmology, the big bang occurred 10 - 20 billion years ago. The Bible seems to place creation within the last 10 thousand years.
  2. Attempts to smuggle ancient creation into the Bible by use of the "gap theory" fail to achieve their objective. This theory seeks to understand Genesis 1:2 as saying that the Earth became without form and void, some considerable time subsequent to its creation in a state of perfection, rather than having been created in what is perceived to have been an imperfect state. However, the grammatical points on which this theory is built are not cogent, nor are the Biblical passages used in its support.
  3. Attempts by Setterfield to prove that the speed of light has been decreasing from an infinite value in the recent past are to be rejected:
    • The data on the speed of light is accurately available under so limited a time span that the deduction of any variability is impossible.
    • Also, such a theory, if true, would have such revolutionary consequences for the whole basis of modern physical science that it must be treated with extreme suspicion.
  4. Similar attempts by Barnes with respect to the alleged exponential decay of the Earth's magnetic field fail on at least two counts:
    • Firstly, the data only justifies a linear decay, which extends the "upper bound" for the age of the Earth, under this model, to millions rather than thousands of years.
    • Secondly, the Earth's magnetic field is known to have reversed itself, so any monotonic model, whether linear or exponential, is invalid.
  5. "Flood geology" totally fails to account for the volume, diversity & complexity of the sedimentary deposits.

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