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The physical death & physical resurrection of Jesus.

  1. While the death of Jesus needs to have been what we normally understand by physical death, we have no norms for evaluating resurrection. Hence, I do not think a physical resurrection involving Jesus' former body is a priori essential.
  2. However, the concession of asomatic resurrection would raise the issue of how we could be sure the resurrection had taken place. Hence, and particularly because the disciples claimed that the body had not been found, I think the physical resurrection of Jesus' body, albeit in a "glorified" state, is an essential foundation of Christianity.
  3. The New Testament accounts of the resurrection of Jesus are difficult to reconcile though, of course, there have been many attempts to do so that have been confident of success.
  4. Other aspect of the resurrection accounts, such as the ability of someone both to be able to pass through locked doors and to be able to eat breakfast, seem as incongruous as stories of the invisible man. Could the breakfast pass through locked doors?
  5. The main reasons for believing in the resurrection seems to be its theological significance and the dynamic effect something had on the Jerusalem community of disciples after Jesus' death.
  6. The way the Acts of the Apostles resolves the issue of what to do with the risen Jesus, by having him depart from the Mount of Olives like a space rocket, obviously raises the question of where he went. This may lead one to suspect that this form of exit was chosen based on the three-tier view of the universe then current, with heaven "up there in the sky". The only alternative seems to be some form of accommodating demonstration on the part of Jesus, ie. to demonstrate to the disciples, in a way that would be understood, that he was leaving them.

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