<!DOCTYPE html><HTML lang="en"> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <link href="../../TheosStyle.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"><link rel="shortcut icon" href="../../TT_ICO.png" /> <title>Note: Status Reports - Status: Personal Identity (2016 - March) (Theo Todman's Web Page)</title> </head><body> <a name="Top"></a> <h1>Theo Todman's Web Page - Notes Pages</h1><hr><h2>Status Reports</h2><h3>Status: Personal Identity (2016 - March)</h3><p class = "Centered">(Text as at 05/04/2016 23:19:41)<br><br>(For other versions of this Note, see the <a href="#LiveVersion">tables at the end</a>)</p><hr> <P><FONT COLOR = "0000FF"><B><U>Rationale for this Project</B></U><ul type="disc"><li>I am researching the subject of Personal Identity primarily because of its intrinsic interest and importance. It is really a sub-topic in my Philosophy of <a name="1"></a><A HREF = "../Notes_5/Notes_519_42465972.htm">Religion</A><SUP>1</SUP> project, with its penultimate chapter considering the metaphysical possibility of resurrection. </li><li>While I m interested in the topic of my research in its own right, I think when I ve sorted it out a bit, and have something to say, I ll want to engage with other philosophers active in this field  and re-starting a PhD at Birkbeck or elsewhere might be the only effective way to do this. </li><li>While a PhD is not an end in itself, and certainly not the ultimate aim of my doing philosophy, it s still true that a PhD would teach me research techniques, provide focus and direction, and furnish a professional qualification should I want to publish any results in this or any other area of philosophy.</li><li>The jumping-off point for my thesis is <a name="2"></a><A HREF = "../Notes_7/Notes_733_42465972.htm">here</A><SUP>2</SUP>, and a progress dashboard is <a name="3"></a><A HREF = "../Notes_10/Notes_1024_42465972.htm">here</A><SUP>3</SUP>. </li></ul><BR><B><U>Summary of Progress during January  March 2016</B></U><ol type="1"><li>I spent 164 hours in 1Q16 on my Thesis or Thesis-related work (420 hours YTD, where for  YTD  Year to Date  I mean the (academic) year that commenced in October 2015). That s 70% of the planned effort (89% YTD). Overall, 25% of my Project effort in the Quarter was directed towards this project (making 33% YTD)  as against 35% planned (35% YTD). This was a disappointment after last month, and was downto an increased focus on Web Tools and Bridge. </li><li>Progress between reports can be obtained from the relevant section of my Summary Task List (<a name="4"></a><A HREF = "../Notes_9/Notes_975_42465972.htm">Click Here</A><SUP>4</SUP>). </li><li>This quarter, effort was yet again expended on a vast number of tasks, as listed in the task list below, but key items immediately follow & </li><li>Enhanced my Notes on:- <ul type="disc"><li><a name="5"></a><A HREF = "../Notes_0/Notes_65_42465972.htm">Corpses</A><SUP>5</SUP>, </li><li><a name="6"></a><A HREF = "../Notes_0/Notes_74_42465972.htm">Human Beings</A><SUP>6</SUP>,</li><li><a name="7"></a><A HREF = "../Notes_11/Notes_1167_42465972.htm">Ivan Ilych</A><SUP>7</SUP>, </li><li><a name="8"></a><A HREF = "../Notes_0/Notes_80_42465972.htm">Kinds</A><SUP>8</SUP>, </li><li><a name="9"></a><A HREF = "../Notes_0/Notes_27_42465972.htm">Natural Kinds</A><SUP>9</SUP>, and</li><li><a name="10"></a><A HREF = "../Notes_11/Notes_1164_42465972.htm">Non-human Persons</A><SUP>10</SUP> </li><li>&rarr; amongst others, mainly focused on the reading lists. </li></ul></li><li>Discovered <a name="125"></a><A HREF = "../../Authors/C/Author_Claxton (Guy).htm">Guy Claxton</A> and bought another couple of his books. I m hoping <a name="101"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6414.htm">Claxton (Guy) - Intelligence in the Flesh: Why Your Mind Needs Your Body Much More Than it Thinks</A>" will provide an antidote to the brain transplant intuition, a thorn in the side of animalism. </li><li>Additionally, purchased  and started reading  the following books:-<BR>&rarr; <a name="102"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6416.htm">Korsgaard (Christine) - Self-Constitution: Agency, Identity, and Integrity</A>", and<BR>&rarr; <a name="103"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6411.htm">Lowe (E.J.) - More Kinds of Being: A Further Study of Individuation, Identity and the Logic of Sortal Terms</A>".</li><li>Completed  at long last  an extensive analysis of <a name="20"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_00/Abstract_262.htm">Johnston (Mark) - Human Beings</A>". </li><li>Reviewed <a name="21"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_20/Abstract_20796.htm">Stewart-Williams (Steve) - On the Origin of Afterlife Beliefs by Means of Memetic Selection</A>". </li><li>Continued reviewing <a name="22"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_03/Abstract_3507.htm">Olson (Eric) - Psychology and Personal Identity</A>".</li><li>Took a good look at <a name="23"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_21/Abstract_21651.htm">Cerullo (Michael A.) - Uploading and Branching Identity</A>". </li><li>Converted some old write-ups to Note form, including:-<BR>&rarr; <a name="24"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_12/Abstract_12105.htm">Aristotle - De Interpretatione, Chapter 9</A>", and<BR>&rarr; <a name="25"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_00/Abstract_423.htm">Williams (Bernard) - The Self and the Future</A>".</li><li>Made minor updates to most chapters of my Thesis. </li><li>As background activities, <ul type="disc"><li>Continued reading <a name="104"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6289.htm">Marshall (Richard) - Philosophy at 3:AM: Questions and Answers with 25 Top Philosophers</A>",</li><li>Started reading, and writing potted reviews of, the stories in <a name="105"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6413.htm">Somerset Maugham (W.) - Short Stories</A>". </li></ul></li><li>More detail follows:- </li></ol><BR><b><u>Thesis</u></b> (Total Hours = 128.75)<ol type="1"><li><b>Thesis - Reading / Writing</b> (Total Hours = 122.75)<ul type="disc"><li><a name="26"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_12/Abstract_12105.htm">Aristotle - De Interpretatione, Chapter 9</A>" (Write, 3 hours)</li><li><a name="27"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_21/Abstract_21723.htm">Bird (Alexander) & Tobin (Emma) - Natural Kinds</A>" (Read / Write, 3.25 hours)</li><li><a name="28"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_21/Abstract_21651.htm">Cerullo (Michael A.) - Uploading and Branching Identity</A>" (Read / Write, 4.5 hours)</li><li><a name="106"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6279.htm">Claxton (Guy) - Hare Brain, Tortoise Mind: How Intelligence Increases When You Think Less</A>" (Write, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="29"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_21/Abstract_21758.htm">Claxton (Guy) - Intelligence in the Flesh - Limbering Up: An Introduction</A>" (Read / Write, 11 hours)</li><li><a name="107"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6415.htm">Claxton (Guy) - The Wayward Mind: An Intimate History of the Unconscious</A>" (Read / Write, 2 hours)</li><li><a name="108"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_01/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_1186.htm">Damasio (Antonio) - Descartes' Error: Emotion, Reason and the Human Brain</A>" (Write, 1.5 hours)</li><li><a name="30"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_21/Abstract_21733.htm">Feldman (Steven P.) - The Professional Conscience: A Psychoanalytic Study of Moral Character in Tolstoy's 'The Death of Ivan Ilych'</A>" (Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="31"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_21/Abstract_21738.htm">Felps (Maryann) - How to Live? What We Can Learn from Ivan Ilych's Death</A>" (Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="32"></a>"<A HREF = "../../PaperSummaries/PaperSummary_21/PaperSummary_21690.htm">Francione (Gary) - The Diagnosis: Our Moral Schizophrenia about Animals</A>" (Read / Write, 2 hours)</li><li><a name="33"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_21/Abstract_21731.htm">Gavin (William J.) - En Attendant La Mort: Plato's Socrates, Tolstoy's Ivan Ilych, and Beckett's Waiting for Godot</A>" (Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="34"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_04/Abstract_4532.htm">Graham (George) & Kennedy (Ralph) - Review of Thomas Metzinger's Being No-One: The Self-Model Theory of Subjectivity</A>" (Write, 1 hour)</li><li><a name="35"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_11/Abstract_11285.htm">Jackson (Frank) & Priest (Graham) - Lewisian Themes: The Philosophy of David K. Lewis: Introduction</A>" (Write, 1.25 hours)</li><li><a name="36"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_00/Abstract_262.htm">Johnston (Mark) - Human Beings</A>" (Read / Write, 36.5 hours)</li><li><a name="37"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_21/Abstract_21737.htm">Kamm (F.M.) - Rescuing Ivan Ilych: How We Live and How We Die</A>" (Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="109"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6416.htm">Korsgaard (Christine) - Self-Constitution: Agency, Identity, and Integrity</A>" (Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="38"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_21/Abstract_21721.htm">Lewin (Roger) - Is Your Brain Really Necessary?</A>" (Read / Write, 1 hour)</li><li><a name="110"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_01/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_1325.htm">Lewis (David) - Convention</A>" (Read / Write, 1.5 hours)</li><li><a name="39"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_21/Abstract_21730.htm">Lichterman (Boleslav) - Medical Classics: The Death of Ivan Ilych</A>" (Write, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="40"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_21/Abstract_21722.htm">Lowe (E.J.) - More Kinds of Being: Preface</A>" (Write, 2.5 hours)</li><li><a name="41"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_20/Abstract_20240.htm">Marshall (Richard) & Fabre (Ccile) - Cecile Fabre: On the Intrinsic Value of Each of Us</A>" (Read, 1 hour)</li><li><a name="42"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_20/Abstract_20243.htm">Marshall (Richard) & Korsgaard (Christine) - Christine Korsgaard: Treating People as an End in Themselves</A>" (Read, 1 hour)</li><li><a name="43"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_20/Abstract_20237.htm">Marshall (Richard) & Mele (Alfred) - Alfred R. Mele: The $4 Million Philosopher</A>" (Read, 1 hour)</li><li><a name="44"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_20/Abstract_20238.htm">Marshall (Richard) & Priest (Graham) - Graham Priest: Logically Speaking</A>" (Read, 1 hour)</li><li><a name="45"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_04/Abstract_4146.htm">Martin (Raymond) & Barresi (John) - Personal Identity and What Matters In Survival: An Historical Overview</A>" (Write, 1 hour)</li><li><a name="46"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_21/Abstract_21679.htm">Metzinger (Thomas) - Being No One: Questions</A>" (Read / Write, 2 hours)</li><li><a name="47"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_21/Abstract_21735.htm">Napier (James J.) - The Stages of Dying and 'The Death of Ivan Ilych'</A>" (Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="48"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_03/Abstract_3585.htm">Nozick (Robert) - Philosophical Explanations: Introduction</A>" (Write, 2.5 hours)</li><li><a name="49"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_03/Abstract_3586.htm">Nozick (Robert) - The Identity of the Self: Introduction</A>" (Write, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="50"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_21/Abstract_21732.htm">Olney (James) - Experience, Metaphor, and Meaning: 'The Death of Ivan Ilych'</A>" (Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="51"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_03/Abstract_3507.htm">Olson (Eric) - Psychology and Personal Identity</A>" (Write, 2.75 hours)</li><li><a name="52"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_21/Abstract_21741.htm">Pachmuss (Temira) - The Theme of Love and Death in Tolstoy's the Death of Ivan Ilyich</A>" (Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="53"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_21/Abstract_21739.htm">Pope (Stephen J.) - Compassion and Self-Deception: The Unity of Love and Truthfulness in Leo Tolstoy's 'The Death of Ivan Ilyich'</A>" (Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="54"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_03/Abstract_3607.htm">Rorty (Richard) - The Mirror Of Nature: Introduction</A>" (Write, 1 hour)</li><li><a name="55"></a>"<A HREF = "../../PaperSummaries/PaperSummary_11/PaperSummary_11186.htm">Skinner (B.F.) - Beyond Freedom and Dignity</A>" (Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="56"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_20/Abstract_20796.htm">Stewart-Williams (Steve) - On the Origin of Afterlife Beliefs by Means of Memetic Selection</A>" (Write, 5.25 hours)</li><li><a name="57"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_12/Abstract_12574.htm">Todman (Theo) - Thesis - Chapter 01 (Introduction)</A>" (Write, 2 hours)</li><li><a name="58"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_12/Abstract_12576.htm">Todman (Theo) - Thesis - Chapter 02 (What Are We?)</A>" (Write, 1.25 hours)</li><li><a name="59"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_12/Abstract_12578.htm">Todman (Theo) - Thesis - Chapter 03 (What is a Person?)</A>" (Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="60"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_12/Abstract_12579.htm">Todman (Theo) - Thesis - Chapter 04 (Basic Metaphysical Issues)</A>" (Write, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="61"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_12/Abstract_12583.htm">Todman (Theo) - Thesis - Chapter 05 (Persistence and Time)</A>" (Write, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="62"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_12/Abstract_12580.htm">Todman (Theo) - Thesis - Chapter 06 (Animalism and Arguments for It)</A>" (Write, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="63"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_12/Abstract_12581.htm">Todman (Theo) - Thesis - Chapter 07 (The Constitution View and Arguments for It)</A>" (Write, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="64"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_12/Abstract_12582.htm">Todman (Theo) - Thesis - Chapter 08 (Arguments against Animalism)</A>" (Write, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="65"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_12/Abstract_12577.htm">Todman (Theo) - Thesis - Chapter 09 (Arguments against the Constitution View)</A>" (Write, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="66"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_12/Abstract_12584.htm">Todman (Theo) - Thesis - Chapter 10 (Thought Experiments)</A>" (Write, 1 hour)</li><li><a name="67"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_12/Abstract_12585.htm">Todman (Theo) - Thesis - Chapter 11 (Resurrection)</A>" (Write, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="68"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_17/Abstract_17791.htm">Todman (Theo) - Thesis - Connectedness vs Continuity</A>" (Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="69"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_17/Abstract_17799.htm">Todman (Theo) - Thesis - Corpses</A>" (Write, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="70"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_17/Abstract_17825.htm">Todman (Theo) - Thesis - Human Beings</A>" (Write, 2 hours)</li><li><a name="71"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_21/Abstract_21729.htm">Todman (Theo) - Thesis - Ivan Ilych</A>" (Write, 3.75 hours)</li><li><a name="72"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_17/Abstract_17832.htm">Todman (Theo) - Thesis - Kinds</A>" (Write, 2 hours)</li><li><a name="73"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_17/Abstract_17846.htm">Todman (Theo) - Thesis - Natural Kinds</A>" (Write, 1.75 hours)</li><li><a name="74"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_21/Abstract_21678.htm">Todman (Theo) - Thesis - Non-Human Persons</A>" (Write, 1.5 hours)</li><li><a name="75"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_17/Abstract_17874.htm">Todman (Theo) - Thesis - Reductionism</A>" (Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="76"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_17/Abstract_17901.htm">Todman (Theo) - Thesis - Transhumanism</A>" (Write, 1 hour)</li><li><a name="77"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_21/Abstract_21734.htm">Wexelblatt (Robert) - The Higher Parody: Ivan Ilych's Metamorphosis and the Death of Gregor Samsa</A>" (Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="78"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_00/Abstract_423.htm">Williams (Bernard) - The Self and the Future</A>" (Write, 5.25 hours)</li></ul></li><li><b>Thesis - Discussions</b><ul type="disc"><li>Interaction - Discussions with Naomi (0.5 hours)<br>&rarr; See <a name="79"></a>"<A HREF = "../../PaperSummaries/PaperSummary_12/PaperSummary_12408.htm">Interaction - Philos-List</A>"</li></ul></li><li><b>Thesis - Lectures</b><ul type="disc"><li><a name="80"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_21/Abstract_21736.htm">van Oostendorp (Marc) - Miracles of Human Language: An Introduction to Linguistics</A>" (0.5 hours)</li></ul></li><li><b>Thesis - Research Repositioning</b> (Total Hours = 5)<ul type="disc"><li><a name="81"></a>"<A HREF = "../../PaperSummaries/PaperSummary_09/PaperSummary_9509.htm">Admin - Thesis - Outline & Initial Research (Jan - March)</A>" (1.25 hours)</li><li>Thesis Dashboard Updating & minor Note updates (3.75 hours)</li></ul></li></ol><br><a name = "Thesis Background"></A> <BR><b><u>Thesis Background</u></b> (Total Hours = 35.75)<ol type="1"><li><b>Thesis Background - Reading / Writing</b> (Total Hours = 24.5)<ul type="disc"><li><a name="82"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_21/Abstract_21724.htm">Borges (Jorge Luis) - Labyrinths: Selected Stories and Other Writings</A>" (Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="83"></a>"<A HREF = "../../PaperSummaries/PaperSummary_21/PaperSummary_21726.htm">Irby (James E.) - Labyrinths: Introduction</A>" (Read, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="84"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_20/Abstract_20242.htm">Marshall (Richard) & Anderson (Elizabeth S.) - Elizabeth S. Anderson: The New Leveller</A>" (Read, 1 hour)</li><li><a name="85"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_20/Abstract_20241.htm">Marshall (Richard) & Lindemann (Hilde) - Hilde Lindemann: No Ethics Without Feminism</A>" (Read, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="86"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_20/Abstract_20239.htm">Marshall (Richard) & Renz (Ursula) - Ursula Renz: After Spinoza: Wiser, Freer, Happier</A>" (Read, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="87"></a>"<A HREF = "../../PaperSummaries/PaperSummary_21/PaperSummary_21725.htm">Maurois (Andre) - Labyrinths: Preface</A>" (Read, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="111"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6413.htm">Somerset Maugham (W.) - Short Stories</A>" (Write, 0.75 hours)</li><li>Somerset Maugham (W.) - Short Stories: Before the Party (Read / Write, 2.5 hours)</li><li>Somerset Maugham (W.) - Short Stories: Mackintosh (Read / Write, 3.25 hours)</li><li>Somerset Maugham (W.) - Short Stories: P & O (Read, 1.75 hours)</li><li>Somerset Maugham (W.) - Short Stories: Rain (Read / Write, 4.5 hours)</li><li>Somerset Maugham (W.) - Short Stories: The Casuarina Tree (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li>Somerset Maugham (W.) - Short Stories: The Fall of Edward Barnard (Read / Write, 3.75 hours)</li><li><a name="88"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_21/Abstract_21774.htm">Thompson (Morgan), Adleberg (Toni), Sims (Sam) & Nahmias (Eddy) - Why Do Women Leave Philosophy? Surveying Students at the Introductory Level</A>" (Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="89"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_21/Abstract_21757.htm">Todman (Theo) - Why Play Bridge?</A>" (Write, 2.5 hours)</li></ul></li><li><b>Thesis Background - Books Admin</b> (Total Hours = 6.75)<ul type="disc"><li>Admin - Catalogue Papers and Books - Computing Categorisation (2.25 hours)</li><li><a name="90"></a>"<A HREF = "../../PaperSummaries/PaperSummary_09/PaperSummary_9513.htm">Admin - Catalogue Papers and Books (including Abstract improvements)</A>" (0.25 hours)</li><li>Admin - Catalogue Papers and Books (including Abstract improvements) - Blackmore (1.75 hours)</li><li>Admin - Catalogue Papers and Books (including Abstract improvements) - Springer Downloads (1 hour)</li><li>Admin - Catalogue Papers and Books (including Abstract improvements) - Westermarck (1.5 hours)</li></ul></li><li><b>Thesis Background - Status</b><ul type="disc"><li>4Q15 Status Reports (4.5 hours)<br>&rarr; See <a name="91"></a>"<A HREF = "../../PaperSummaries/PaperSummary_09/PaperSummary_9516.htm">Admin - Thesis Planning+Admin (Jan - March)</A>"</li></ul></li></ol><BR><B><U>Plans for the Near Future  Top Priority Tasks</B></U> <ul type="disc"><li>I now have a clear idea of what I want to do over the next 3 <U><A HREF="#On-Page_Link_518_11">years</A></U><SUB>11</SUB><a name="On-Page_Return_518_11"></A>, which is to complete a thesis to my own satisfaction. As such I require rigorous focus on the priority tasks, books and papers. Lower-priority reading is not likely to get a look in, so will be cut. </li><li>An  ideal next step (and one previously suggested) is to ensure that everything of relevance that I have actually read is written up and incorporated in my Notes database and only later  and secondly  consider anything that I have not yet read. This would require discipline, in that interesting new stuff is always turning up, and would be an iterative process. Further, given I m not getting any younger, it could also be wasting time which should be focussed on using the most relevant materials. </li><li>So, if what I ve read and written on  in the form of particular papers on a particular topic  is most relevant, I ll  process that, but otherwise will start anew. </li><li>As far as effort is concerned, to balance the books I ve had to reduce planned hours / week from 18 to 16  though this will increase once I ve caught up with the backlog of work on my <a name="11"></a><A HREF = "../Notes_5/Notes_520_42465972.htm">web-tools</A><SUP>12</SUP> project. </li><li>So, the tasks for the next quarter are:- <ol type="1"><li>Continue with my <a name="12"></a><A HREF = "../Notes_7/Notes_733_42465972.htm">Thesis</A><SUP>13</SUP>; in particular fill out those sections that I can write something on without further research.</li><li>Complete a full review and update of the <A Href="../../Notes/Notes_Jump_1.htm" TARGET = "_top">Notes</A> I ve created on Personal Identity, focusing on those with least content. </li><li>Make progress on specific Chapters, using the materials below & </li><li><a name="13"></a><A HREF = "../Notes_7/Notes_762_42465972.htm">Chapter 2</A><SUP>14</SUP> (What Are We?). Focussing on:- <ol type="I"><li>Human Beings: <a name="92"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_18/Abstract_18375.htm">Johnston (Mark) - 'Human Beings' Revisited: My Body is Not an Animal</A>".</li><li>Selves:- <ol type="i"><li><a name="112"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6364.htm">Dainton (Barry) - Self: Philosophy In Transit</A>", </li><li><a name="113"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6361.htm">O'Hear (Anthony), Ed. - Mind, Self and Person</A>". </ol> </ol> </li><li><a name="14"></a><A HREF = "../Notes_10/Notes_1018_42465972.htm">Chapter 6</A><SUP>15</SUP> (Animalism). Focussing on:- <ol type="i"><li><a name="114"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_00/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_130.htm">Olson (Eric) - The Human Animal - Personal Identity Without Psychology</A>", my core text, </li><li><a name="115"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_00/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_126.htm">Merricks (Trenton) - Objects and Persons</A>", </li><li><a name="93"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_20/Abstract_20779.htm">Bailey (Andrew M.) - The Elimination Argument</A>",</li><li><a name="94"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_20/Abstract_20786.htm">Olson (Eric) - On Parfit's View That We Are Not Human Beings</A>",</li><li><a name="95"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_20/Abstract_20707.htm">Olson (Eric) - The Metaphysical Implications of Conjoined Twining</A>",</li><li><a name="96"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_20/Abstract_20787.htm">Olson (Eric) - The Role of the Brainstem in Personal Identity</A>",</li><li><a name="97"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_20/Abstract_20427.htm">Shoemaker (Sydney) - Persons, Animals, and Identity</A>",</li><li><a name="116"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6358.htm">Snowdon (Paul) - Persons, Animals, Ourselves</A>". </ol></li><li><a name="15"></a><A HREF = "../Notes_10/Notes_1019_42465972.htm">Chapter 7</A><SUP>16</SUP> (The Constitution View):- <ol type="i"><li>Start a serious review of <a name="117"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_00/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_66.htm">Baker (Lynne Rudder) - Persons and Bodies: A Constitution View</A>", my other core text. </li><li>Read and review <a name="118"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6335.htm">Corcoran (Kevin) - Rethinking Human Nature: A Christian Materialist Alternative to the Soul</A>". </ol></li><li><a name="16"></a><A HREF = "../Notes_10/Notes_1023_42465972.htm">Chapter 11</A><SUP>17</SUP> (Resurrection):- <ol type="i"><li>Start a thorough review of <a name="119"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6334.htm">Martin (L. Michael) & Augustine (Keith) - The Myth of an Afterlife: The Case against Life After Death</A>",</li><li>Start a review of <a name="120"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6337.htm">Luper (Steven), Ed. - The Cambridge Companion to Life and Death</A>", especially</li><li><a name="98"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_19/Abstract_19916.htm">Olson (Eric) - The Nature of People</A>",</li><li>Read and review <a name="99"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_07/Abstract_7296.htm">Baker (Lynne Rudder) - Death and the Afterlife</A>",</li><li><a name="100"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_20/Abstract_20714.htm">Corcoran (Kevin) - Dualism, Materialism and the Problem of Post Mortem Survival</A>". </ol></li><li>As background tasks:- <ol type="i"><li>Convert old <A Href="../../PrecisCatalogSubTopic.htm" TARGET = "_top">PDF-prcis</A>, <a name="17"></a><A HREF = "../Notes_11/Notes_1144_42465972.htm">Etc</A><SUP>18</SUP>. to Notes,</li><li>Complete cataloguing the books downloaded from Springer, </li><li>Continue with <a name="121"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6289.htm">Marshall (Richard) - Philosophy at 3:AM: Questions and Answers with 25 Top Philosophers</A>",</li><li>Complete <a name="122"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6297.htm">Erber (Joan T.) & Szuchman (Lenore T.) - Great Myths of Aging</A>", </li><li>Complete <a name="123"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6301.htm">Dunne (John S.) - City of the Gods: A Study in Myth and Mortality</A>",</li><li>Continue reading and reviewing <a name="124"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6413.htm">Somerset Maugham (W.) - Short Stories</A>", </li><li>Keep up with the Journals via <a name="18"></a><A HREF = "../Notes_10/Notes_1026_42017797.htm">JSTOR</A><SUP>19</SUP>. </ol> </li></ol> </li></ul><BR><B><U>Summary of Progress to Date</B></U><BR><BR>This was hived off to a separate <a name="19"></a><A HREF = "../Notes_8/Notes_821_40530832.htm">Note</A><SUP>20</SUP> back in 2010, and hasn t changed much since.</P> <FONT COLOR = "0000FF"><BR><HR><h3 class = "Left">In-Page Footnotes</h3><a name="On-Page_Link_518_11"></A><U><A HREF="#On-Page_Return_518_11"><B>Footnote 11</B></A></U>: <ul type="disc"><li>Hopefully, I may complete, or get stuck, earlier. </li><li>By  3 years , I mean the period ending on my 65th birthday  ie. 13/11/2018. This is not to slip!</li><li>On the plus side, I m much further advanced than would be expected of someone commencing a PhD. </li><li>On the minus side, I want to go into greater depth, and have other projects on the go  most notably my Web-tools project. </li></ul> <BR> <a name="LiveVersion"></a><BR><HR><h3 class= "Left">Live Version of this Archived Note</h3> <TABLE class = "ReadingList" WIDTH=700> <TR><TD WIDTH="20%" class = "BridgeCenter"><strong>Date</strong></TD> <TD WIDTH="10%" class = "BridgeRight"><strong>Length</strong></TD> <TD WIDTH="70%" class = "BridgeLeft"><strong>Title</strong></TD></TR> <TR><TD class = "BridgeCenter">06/07/2018 18:56:10</TD> <TD class = "BridgeRight">13277</TD> <TD class = "BridgeLeft"><A HREF = "Notes_518.htm">Status: Personal Identity (2018 - June)</A></TD></TR> </TABLE></CENTER> <a name="TableOfPreviousVersions"></a><BR><HR><h3 class= "Left">Table of 12 Earlier Versions of this Note (of 60)</h3> <TABLE class = "ReadingList" WIDTH=700> <TR><TD WIDTH="20%" class = "BridgeCenter"><strong>Date</strong></TD> <TD WIDTH="10%" class = "BridgeRight"><strong>Length</strong></TD> <TD WIDTH="70%" class = "BridgeLeft"><strong>Title</strong></TD></TR> <TR><TD class = "BridgeCenter">07/01/2016 00:59:02</TD> <TD class = "BridgeRight">14575</TD> <TD class = "BridgeLeft"><A HREF = "Notes_518_42376041.htm">Status: Personal Identity (2015 - December)</A></TD></TR> <TR><TD class = "BridgeCenter">07/10/2015 00:27:22</TD> <TD class = "BridgeRight">12172</TD> <TD class = "BridgeLeft"><A HREF = "Notes_518_42284019.htm">Status: Personal Identity (2015 - September)</A></TD></TR> <TR><TD class = "BridgeCenter">02/07/2015 23:12:29</TD> <TD class = "BridgeRight">11211</TD> <TD class = "BridgeLeft"><A HREF = "Notes_518_42187967.htm">Status: Personal Identity (2015 - June)</A></TD></TR> <TR><TD class = "BridgeCenter">23/04/2015 21:14:24</TD> <TD class = "BridgeRight">12429</TD> <TD class = "BridgeLeft"><A HREF = "Notes_518_42117885.htm">Status: Personal Identity (2015 - March)</A></TD></TR> <TR><TD class = "BridgeCenter">13/01/2015 19:07:41</TD> <TD class = "BridgeRight">11235</TD> <TD class = "BridgeLeft"><A HREF = "Notes_518_42017797.htm">Status: Personal Identity (2014 - December)</A></TD></TR> <TR><TD class = "BridgeCenter">07/10/2014 17:39:50</TD> <TD class = "BridgeRight">9534</TD> <TD class = "BridgeLeft"><A HREF = "Notes_518_41919736.htm">Status: Personal Identity (2014 - September)</A></TD></TR> <TR><TD class = "BridgeCenter">04/07/2014 22:46:34</TD> <TD class = "BridgeRight">8565</TD> <TD class = "BridgeLeft"><A HREF = "Notes_518_41824949.htm">Status: Personal Identity (2014 - June)</A></TD></TR> <TR><TD class = "BridgeCenter">04/04/2014 19:03:22</TD> <TD class = "BridgeRight">6107</TD> <TD class = "BridgeLeft"><A HREF = "Notes_518_41733794.htm">Status: Personal Identity (2014 - March)</A></TD></TR> <TR><TD class = "BridgeCenter">14/01/2014 17:57:07</TD> <TD class = "BridgeRight">11961</TD> <TD class = "BridgeLeft"><A HREF = "Notes_518_41653748.htm">Status: Personal Identity (2013 - December)</A></TD></TR> <TR><TD class = "BridgeCenter">16/10/2013 20:08:10</TD> <TD class = "BridgeRight">6552</TD> <TD class = "BridgeLeft"><A HREF = "Notes_518_41563839.htm">Status: Personal Identity (2013 - September)</A></TD></TR> <TR><TD class = "BridgeCenter">02/07/2013 14:12:29</TD> <TD class = "BridgeRight">5904</TD> <TD class = "BridgeLeft"><A HREF = "Notes_518_41457592.htm">Status: Personal Identity (2013 - June)</A></TD></TR> <TR><TD class = "BridgeCenter">14/04/2013 13:58:05</TD> <TD class = "BridgeRight">4832</TD> <TD class = "BridgeLeft"><A HREF = "Notes_518_41378582.htm">Status: Personal Identity (2013 - March)</A></TD></TR> </TABLE></CENTER> <a name="TableOfLaterVersions"></a><BR><HR><h3 class= "Left">Table of the 8 Later Versions of this Note</h3> <TABLE class = "ReadingList" WIDTH=700> <TR><TD WIDTH="20%" class = "BridgeCenter"><strong>Date</strong></TD> <TD WIDTH="10%" class = "BridgeRight"><strong>Length</strong></TD> <TD WIDTH="70%" class = "BridgeLeft"><strong>Title</strong></TD></TR> <TR><TD class = "BridgeCenter">05/04/2018 10:48:00</TD> <TD class = "BridgeRight">17614</TD> <TD class = "BridgeLeft"><A HREF = "Notes_518_43195450.htm">Status: Personal Identity (2018 - March)</A></TD></TR> <TR><TD class = "BridgeCenter">05/01/2018 00:11:31</TD> <TD class = "BridgeRight">21399</TD> <TD class = "BridgeLeft"><A HREF = "Notes_518_43105008.htm">Status: Personal Identity (2017 - December)</A></TD></TR> <TR><TD class = "BridgeCenter">09/10/2017 23:25:26</TD> <TD class = "BridgeRight">19614</TD> <TD class = "BridgeLeft"><A HREF = "Notes_518_43017976.htm">Status: Personal Identity (2017 - September)</A></TD></TR> <TR><TD class = "BridgeCenter">20/07/2017 14:34:05</TD> <TD class = "BridgeRight">14289</TD> <TD class = "BridgeLeft"><A HREF = "Notes_518_42936607.htm">Status: Personal Identity (2017 - June)</A></TD></TR> <TR><TD class = "BridgeCenter">10/04/2017 23:38:24</TD> <TD class = "BridgeRight">12285</TD> <TD class = "BridgeLeft"><A HREF = "Notes_518_42835985.htm">Status: Personal Identity (2017 - March)</A></TD></TR> <TR><TD class = "BridgeCenter">14/01/2017 20:18:14</TD> <TD class = "BridgeRight">10076</TD> <TD class = "BridgeLeft"><A HREF = "Notes_518_42749846.htm">Status: Personal Identity (2016 - December)</A></TD></TR> <TR><TD class = "BridgeCenter">14/10/2016 22:14:53</TD> <TD class = "BridgeRight">6660</TD> <TD class = "BridgeLeft"><A HREF = "Notes_518_42657927.htm">Status: Personal Identity (2016 - September)</A></TD></TR> <TR><TD class = "BridgeCenter">21/07/2016 16:12:00</TD> <TD class = "BridgeRight">9314</TD> <TD class = "BridgeLeft"><A HREF = "Notes_518_42572675.htm">Status: Personal Identity (2016 - June)</A></TD></TR> </TABLE></CENTER> <BR><HR><BR><CENTER><TABLE class = "Bridge" WIDTH=950><TR> <TH WIDTH="25%">This version updated</TH> <TH WIDTH="50%">Reference for this Topic</TH> <TH WIDTH="50%">Parent Topic</TH></TR> <TR><TD WIDTH="25%">05/04/2016 23:19:41</TD> <TD WIDTH="50%">518 (Status: Personal Identity (2016 - March))</TD> <TD WIDTH="25%"><A href ="../../Notes/Notes_5/Notes_512.htm">Status: Summary (2018 - June)</A></TD></TR> </TABLE><br><hr><br> <h3>Summary of Notes Links from this Page</h3> <CENTER> <TABLE Class = "Bridge" WIDTH=950> <TR> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_0/Notes_65_42465972.htm">Corpses</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_0/Notes_74_42465972.htm">Human Beings</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_11/Notes_1167_42465972.htm">Ivan Ilych</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_0/Notes_80_42465972.htm">Kinds</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_0/Notes_27_42465972.htm">Natural Kinds</A></TD> </TR> <TR> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_11/Notes_1164_42465972.htm">Non-Human Persons</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_8/Notes_821_40530832.htm">Status: Personal Identity (Summary of Progress to Date)</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_5/Notes_519_42465972.htm">Status: Philosophy of Religion (2016 - March)</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_9/Notes_975_42465972.htm">Status: Summary Task List (2016: January - March)</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_10/Notes_1024_42465972.htm">Status: Thesis Dashboard (2016: March)</A></TD> </TR> <TR> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_5/Notes_520_42465972.htm">Status: Web-Tools (2016 - March)</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_11/Notes_1144_42465972.htm">Theo Todman's BA Papers</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_7/Notes_762_42465972.htm">Thesis - Chapter 02 (What are We?)</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_10/Notes_1018_42465972.htm">Thesis - Chapter 06 (Animalism and Arguments for It)</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_10/Notes_1019_42465972.htm">Thesis - Chapter 07 (The Constitution View and Arguments for It)</A></TD> </TR> <TR> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_10/Notes_1023_42465972.htm">Thesis - Chapter 11 (Resurrection)</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_10/Notes_1026_42017797.htm">Thesis - Later Reading</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_7/Notes_733_42465972.htm">Thesis - Outline (2)</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="20%">.</TD> <TD WIDTH="20%">.</TD> </TR> </TABLE> </CENTER> <P class = "Centered">To access information, click on one of the links in the table above (if any).</P> <BR><HR><BR><h3>Summary of Note Links to this Page</h3> <CENTER> <TABLE Class = "Bridge" WIDTH=950> <TR> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_8/Notes_849_42465972.htm#1">Status: Consciousness Studies (2016 - March)</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_5/Notes_512_42465972.htm#1">Status: Summary (2016 - March)</A>, <A href = "../../Notes/Notes_5/Notes_512_42465972.htm#15">2</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_9/Notes_975_42465972.htm#6">Status: Summary Task List (2016: January - March)</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_11/Notes_1140_42465972.htm#7">Theo Todman's Philosophy Page</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_11/Notes_1141_42465972.htm#14">Theo Todman's Philosophy Research Papers</A></TD> </TR> </TABLE> </CENTER> <P class = "Centered">To access information, click on one of the links in the table above (if any).</P> <BR><HR><BR> <a name="ColourConventions"></a><h3 class = "Left">Text Colour Conventions</h3></center><OL TYPE="1"><LI><FONT COLOR = "0000FF">Blue</FONT>: Text by me; &copy; Theo Todman, 2018</li></OL><BR> <center><center><BR><HR><BR><TABLE class = "Bridge" WIDTH=950><TR><TD WIDTH="30%">&copy; Theo Todman, June 2007 - 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