<!DOCTYPE html><HTML lang="en"> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <link href="../../TheosStyle.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"><link rel="shortcut icon" href="../../TT_ICO.png" /> <title>Note: Status Reports - Status: Personal Identity (2017 - June) (Theo Todman's Web Page)</title> </head><body> <a name="Top"></a> <h1>Theo Todman's Web Page - Notes Pages</h1><hr><h2>Status Reports</h2><h3>Status: Personal Identity (2017 - June)</h3><p class = "Centered">(Text as at 20/07/2017 14:34:05)<br><br>(For other versions of this Note, see the <a href="#LiveVersion">tables at the end</a>)</p><hr> <P><FONT COLOR = "0000FF"><B><U>Rationale for this Project</B></U><ul type="disc"><li>I am researching the subject of Personal Identity primarily because of its intrinsic interest and importance. It is really a sub-topic in my <a name="1"></a><A HREF = "../Notes_5/Notes_519_42936607.htm">Philosophy of Religion</A><SUP>1</SUP> project, with its penultimate chapter considering the metaphysical possibility of resurrection. </li><li>While I m interested in the topic of my research in its own right, I think when I ve sorted it out a bit, and have something to say, I ll want to engage with other philosophers active in this field  and re-starting a PhD at Birkbeck or elsewhere might be the only effective way to do this. </li><li>While a PhD is not an end in itself, and certainly not the ultimate aim of my doing philosophy, it s still true that a PhD would teach me research techniques, provide focus and direction, and furnish a professional qualification should I want to publish any results in this or any other area of philosophy.</li><li>The jumping-off point for my thesis is <a name="2"></a><A HREF = "../Notes_7/Notes_733_42465972.htm">here</A><SUP>2</SUP>, and a progress dashboard is <a name="3"></a><A HREF = "../Notes_10/Notes_1024_42465972.htm">here</A><SUP>3</SUP>. </li></ul><BR><B><U>Summary of Progress during April  June 2017</B></U><ol type="1"><li>I spent 170 hours in 2Q17 on my Thesis or Thesis-related work (488 hours YTD, where for  YTD  Year to Date  I mean the (academic) year that commenced in October 2016). That s 93% of the planned effort (89% YTD). Overall, 27% of my Project effort in the Quarter was directed towards this project (making 25% YTD)  as against 28% planned (29% YTD). </li><li>In addition to again spending less time than planned, I again didn t spend it on the tasks planned. <ol type="i"><li>I started to spend some time researching <a name="4"></a><A HREF = "../Notes_9/Notes_939_42918442.htm">Transhumanism</A><SUP>4</SUP>, <BR>&rarr; completing <a name="195"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6513.htm">O'Connell (Mark) - To be a Machine</A>" and <a name="16"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22232.htm">Graziano (Michael) - Endless fun</A>" and<BR>&rarr; starting <a name="196"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6362.htm">Bostrom (Nick) - Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies</A>" and <a name="197"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6518.htm">Kasparov (Garry), Greengard (Mig) - Deep Thinking: Where Machine Intelligence Ends and Human Creativity Begins</A>". </li><li>Started to read the long and difficult <a name="17"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_21/Abstract_21139.htm">Zimmerman (Dean) - Personal Identity and the Survival of Death</A>", which I found on-line. I subsequently purchased <a name="198"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6517.htm">Bradley (Ben), Feldman (Fred) & Johansson (Jens) - The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Death</A>" in which it was published. </li><li>A considerable amount of time was spent on papers issued under the aegis of <a name="199"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6484.htm">Hains (Brigid) & Hains (Paul) - Aeon: A-B (& General)</A>". These are very interesting, and of wide scope. Not many of them are strictly germane to my research interests, but  as last quarter  I continued to read  and where possible remark on  the one or two of interest that appear daily. I have found this very satisfying and it has raised a lot of issues across a broad range of topics, many relevant to my research. But I think it has become too distracting and time-consuming to continue with. </li><li>As a background task, I completed re-reading and reviewing <a name="200"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6413.htm">Somerset Maugham (W.) - Short Stories</A>". </ol></li><li>Progress between reports can be obtained from the relevant section of my <a name="5"></a><A HREF = "../Notes_9/Notes_975_42918442.htm">Summary Task List</A><SUP>5</SUP>. </li><li>More detail follows:- </li></ol><BR><b><u>Thesis</u></b> (Total Hours = 57)<ol type="1"><li><b>Thesis - Reading / Writing</b> (Total Hours = 47)<ul type="disc"><li><a name="18"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22324.htm">Andersen (Ross) - Exodus</A>" (Read / Write, 1.5 hours)</li><li><a name="19"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22070.htm">Baggini (Julian) - Life-and-death thought experiments are correctly unsolvable</A>" (Read, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="20"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22241.htm">Birhane (Abeba) - Descartes was wrong:  a person is a person through other persons </A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="201"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6362.htm">Bostrom (Nick) - Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies</A>" (Read, 3 hours)</li><li><a name="21"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22308.htm">Buchanan (Anne) & Weiss (Kenneth) - Things genes can t do</A>" (Read / Write, 1 hour)</li><li><a name="22"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22366.htm">Cave (Stephen) - Frozen dead guys</A>" (Read / Write, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="23"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22309.htm">Chatfield (Tom) - Automated ethics</A>" (Read / Write, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="24"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22346.htm">Colebrook (Claire) - End-times for humanity</A>" (Read / Write, 1.25 hours)</li><li><a name="25"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22322.htm">Deutsch (David) - Creative blocks</A>" (Read / Write, 2.25 hours)</li><li><a name="26"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22267.htm">Floridi (Luciano) - Should we be afraid of AI?</A>" (Read / Write, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="27"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22232.htm">Graziano (Michael) - Endless fun</A>" (Read / Write, 2.5 hours)</li><li><a name="28"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22345.htm">Houston (Catriona) - Remote control of the brain is coming: how will we use it?</A>" (Read, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="202"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6518.htm">Kasparov (Garry), Greengard (Mig) - Deep Thinking: Where Machine Intelligence Ends and Human Creativity Begins</A>" (Read / Write, 1 hour)</li><li><a name="29"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22310.htm">Konnikova (Maria) - The empathy machine</A>" (Read / Write, 1 hour)</li><li><a name="30"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22173.htm">Laing (Olivia) - Me, myself and I</A>" (Read, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="31"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22373.htm">Lam (Barry) - Is it moral to respect the wishes of the dead, above the living?</A>" (Read, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="32"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22266.htm">Martinho (Antone) - Pigs, parrots and people: the problem of animal personality</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="33"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22268.htm">Mayor (Adrienne) - Bio-techne</A>" (Read / Write, 1 hour)</li><li><a name="203"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6513.htm">O'Connell (Mark) - To be a Machine</A>" (Read / Write, 10.75 hours)</li><li><a name="34"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22323.htm">Pierre (Joseph) - A mad world</A>" (Read / Write, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="35"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_20/Abstract_20904.htm">Richmond (Alasdair) - Philosophy of Time Travel Course Guide 2014/15</A>" (Read / Write, 1.5 hours)</li><li><a name="36"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22265.htm">Rini (Regina) - Raising good robots</A>" (Read / Write, 1.75 hours)</li><li><a name="204"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6512.htm">Sacks (Oliver) - Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain</A>" (Read, 1.5 hours)</li><li><a name="37"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22365.htm">Singler (Beth) - fAIth</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="38"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22394.htm">Todman (Theo) - Thesis - I</A>" (Write, 1.5 hours)</li><li><a name="39"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_17/Abstract_17881.htm">Todman (Theo) - Thesis - Self</A>" (Write, 1.25 hours)</li><li><a name="40"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_17/Abstract_17901.htm">Todman (Theo) - Thesis - Transhumanism</A>" (Write, 3.25 hours)</li><li><a name="41"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_21/Abstract_21139.htm">Zimmerman (Dean) - Personal Identity and the Survival of Death</A>" (Read, 5 hours)</li></ul></li><li><b>Thesis - Discussions</b> (Total Hours = 3.75)<ul type="disc"><li>Interaction - Discussions with Mike & Sylvia (2 hours)<br>&rarr; See <a name="42"></a>"<A HREF = "../../PaperSummaries/PaperSummary_12/PaperSummary_12896.htm">Interaction - Discussion with Mike</A>"</li><li><a name="43"></a>"<A HREF = "../../PaperSummaries/PaperSummary_12/PaperSummary_12467.htm">Interaction - Discussions with Pete</A>" (1.75 hours)</li></ul></li><li><b>Thesis - Research Repositioning</b> (Total Hours = 6.25)<ul type="disc"><li><a name="44"></a>"<A HREF = "../../PaperSummaries/PaperSummary_09/PaperSummary_9508.htm">Admin - Thesis - Outline & Initial Research (April - June)</A>" (6 hours)</li><li><a name="45"></a>"<A HREF = "../../PaperSummaries/PaperSummary_09/PaperSummary_9515.htm">Admin - Thesis Planning+Admin (April - June)</A>" (0.25 hours)</li></ul></li></ol><BR><b><u> Thesis Background</u></b> (Total Hours = 113)<ol type="1"><li><b>Thesis Background - Reading / Writing</b> (Total Hours = 109.75)<ul type="disc"><li><a name="46"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22317.htm">Aaronson (Scott) - NP-complete Problems and Physical Reality</A>" (Write, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="205"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6514.htm">Aaronson (Scott) - Quantum Computing since Democritus</A>" (Write, 2.5 hours)</li><li><a name="47"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22281.htm">Adamson (Peter) - When philosophy needed Muslims, Jews and Christians alike</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="48"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22279.htm">Akbar (Prayaag) - Caste lives on, and on</A>" (Read / Write, 1 hour)</li><li><a name="49"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22284.htm">Alkhateeb (Ahmed) - Science has outgrown the human mind and its limited capacities</A>" (Write, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="50"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22254.htm">Arnold (Carrie) - Watchers of the earth</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="51"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22398.htm">Askowitz (Andrea) - So I exaggerate a little  am I wrong to jazz up my stories?</A>" (Read / Write, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="52"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22332.htm">Asma (Stephen) - We could all do with learning how to improvise a little better</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="53"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22301.htm">Asseraf (Arthur) - What s so new about news?</A>" (Read / Write, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="54"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22256.htm">Ball (Philip) - Machine envy</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="55"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22399.htm">Ball (Philip) - Quantum common sense</A>" (Write, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="56"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22293.htm">Baranowski (Brad) - How Robert Nozick put a purple prose bomb under analytical philosophy</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="57"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22330.htm">Barash (David P.) - Animal magnetism</A>" (Read / Write, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="58"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22364.htm">Baron (Jessica) - White coats and mild manners: how to style a good doctor</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="59"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22246.htm">Barrett (Michael) - How a generation of consumptives dened 19th-century Romanticism</A>" (Read, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="60"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22218.htm">Battistella (Edwin) - When nations apologise</A>" (Read, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="61"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22243.htm">Burak (Jacob) - Overvaluing condence, we ve forgotten the power of humility</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="62"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22296.htm">Burton (Robert) - Our world outsmarts us</A>" (Read / Write, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="63"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22234.htm">Celermajer (Danielle) - A nation apologises for wrongdoing: is that a category mistake?</A>" (Read, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="64"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22309.htm">Chatfield (Tom) - Automated ethics</A>" (Read, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="65"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22225.htm">Christie (Thony) - How many great minds does it take to invent a telescope?</A>" (Read, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="66"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22298.htm">Claxton (Guy) - Get your kicks</A>" (Read / Write, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="67"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22357.htm">Colwell (Chip) - The scalp from Sand Creek</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="68"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22400.htm">Cope (Suzanne) - Cognitive dissonance helps old dogs with their new tricks</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="69"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22295.htm">Dalton (Clayton M.) - Lifestyle changes, not a magic pill, can reverse Alzheimer s</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="70"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22215.htm">Dartnell (Lewis) - Out of the ashes</A>" (Read, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="71"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22344.htm">Davis (Heath Fogg) - Let s delete sex-identity from birth certicates</A>" (Read, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="72"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22220.htm">Del Mar (Maksymilian) - The legal imagination</A>" (Read, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="73"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22334.htm">Deutsch (David) - Constructor theory</A>" (Write, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="74"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22341.htm">Deutsch (David) - Quantum Theory of Probability and Decisions</A>" (Write, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="75"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22340.htm">Deutsch (David) - The Structure of the Multiverse</A>" (Write, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="76"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22335.htm">Deutsch (David), Barenco (Adriano) & Ekert (Artur) - Universality in Quantum Computation</A>" (Write, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="77"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22336.htm">Deutsch (David), Ekert (Artur) & Lupacchini (Rossella) - Machines, Logic and Quantum Physics</A>" (Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="78"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22263.htm">Devji (Faisal) - Age of sincerity</A>" (Read / Write, 1.25 hours)</li><li><a name="79"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22244.htm">Dickey (Colin) - A fault in our design</A>" (Read / Write, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="80"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22239.htm">Dreger (Alice) - Intersex rights</A>" (Read / Write, 1 hour)</li><li><a name="81"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22250.htm">Dweck (Carol S.) - The Secret to Raising Smart Kids</A>" (Read / Write, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="82"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22314.htm">Farrier (David) - Sands of time</A>" (Read / Write, 1 hour)</li><li><a name="83"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22313.htm">Fehlhaber (Kate) - What know-it-alls don t know, or the illusion of competence</A>" (Read, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="84"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22303.htm">Fleming (Peter) - What is human capital?</A>" (Read / Write, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="85"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22349.htm">Frisby (Dominic) - Voluntary taxation: a lesson from the Ancient Greeks</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="86"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22255.htm">Frohlich (Joel) - Why we can stop worrying and love the particle accelerator</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="87"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22403.htm">Ganeri (Jonardon) - The tree of knowledge is not an apple or an oak but a banyan</A>" (Read / Write, 1 hour)</li><li><a name="88"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22401.htm">Gershon (Livia) - The future is emotional</A>" (Read / Write, 1 hour)</li><li><a name="89"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22326.htm">Gildea (Robert) - Resist or collaborate?</A>" (Read / Write, 1.25 hours)</li><li><a name="90"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22294.htm">Gillon (Michal) & Triaud (Amaury) - Dwarf planetary systems will transform the hunt for alien life</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="91"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22242.htm">Gilster (Paul) - Distant ruins</A>" (Read / Write, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="92"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22356.htm">Goodman (Jonathan R.) - How statistics are twisted to obscure public understanding</A>" (Read, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="93"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22170.htm">Grant (Angela) - The bilingual brain: why one size doesn t fit all</A>" (Read, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="94"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22321.htm">Griffiths (Tom) - Queen of tides</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="95"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22093.htm">Hains (Brigid) & Hains (Paul) - Aeon: A-B</A>" (Read / Write, 3 hours)</li><li><a name="96"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22233.htm">Hajek (Alan) - Philosophy tool kit</A>" (Read / Write, 1 hour)</li><li><a name="97"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22300.htm">Halpern (Paul) - The cosmology of Poe</A>" (Read / Write, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="98"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22374.htm">Hand (David) - What are the chances?</A>" (Read / Write, 1.25 hours)</li><li><a name="99"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22406.htm">Hayden (Brian) - How the village feast paved the way to empires and economics</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="100"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22257.htm">Henderson (Caspar) - Webs of perception</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="101"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22171.htm">Henderson (Gretchen E.) - The history of ugliness shows that there is no such thing</A>" (Read, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="102"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22354.htm">Hilborn (Anne) - Bad mothers and why they make a dierence to cheetah survival</A>" (Write, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="103"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22353.htm">Hodgdon (Molly) - Natural, shmatural</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="104"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22278.htm">Holden (Joshua) - Quantum cryptography is unbreakable. So is human ingenuity</A>" (Read, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="105"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22224.htm">Hossenfelder (Sabine) - Echoes of a black hole</A>" (Read, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="106"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22338.htm">Huenemann (Charlie) - Who needs a perfect language? It s already perfectly imperfect</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="107"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22305.htm">Hulatt (Owen) - Has art ended again?</A>" (Read / Write, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="108"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22249.htm">Irani (Tushar) - What is good rhetoric?</A>" (Read / Write, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="109"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22158.htm">Jaekl (Philip) - Sleepwalking is the result of a survival mechanism gone awry</A>" (Read, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="110"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22286.htm">Jerryson (Michael) - Monks with guns</A>" (Read / Write, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="111"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22367.htm">Jonas (Sylvia) - Unspeakable things</A>" (Read / Write, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="112"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22342.htm">Kando (Tom) - Review - 'The Beginning Of Infinity' by David Deutsch</A>" (Read / Write, 1.25 hours)</li><li><a name="113"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22280.htm">Kent (Adrian) - Our quantum problem</A>" (Read / Write, 1.5 hours)</li><li><a name="114"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22172.htm">Koopman (Colin) - The power thinker</A>" (Read, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="115"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22160.htm">Kroupa (Pavel) - Has dogma derailed the scientic search for dark matter?</A>" (Read, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="116"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22297.htm">Kruger (Justin) & Dunning (David) - Unskilled and Unaware of It: How Difficulties in Recognizing One's Own Incompetence Lead to Inflated Self-Assessments</A>" (Write, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="117"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22307.htm">Krznaric (Roman) - How  The Rubiyt of Omar Khayym inspired Victorian hedonists</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="118"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22318.htm">Kyle (Earle) - Space exploration is still the brightest hope-bringer we have</A>" (Read, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="119"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22216.htm">Larson (Vicki) - A temporary marriage makes more sense than marriage for life</A>" (Read, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="120"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22162.htm">Lee (Jihyun) - Why the most successful students have no passion for school</A>" (Read, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="121"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22312.htm">Lewis (Marc) & Shelly (Shaun) - We need ecstasy and cocaine in place of Prozac and Xanax</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="122"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22258.htm">Tsakiris (Manos) - The brain-heart dialogue shows how racism hijacks perception</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="123"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22329.htm">McConnachie (James) - The truth about tarot</A>" (Read / Write, 1.25 hours)</li><li><a name="124"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22362.htm">McDougall (Sara) - How the illegitimate heir became a  bastard in medieval Europe</A>" (Read, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="125"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22306.htm">McNeill (Leila A.) - The struggle of women in science is written in the stars</A>" (Read, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="126"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22277.htm">Melechi (Antonio) - What lurks beneath</A>" (Read / Write, 1 hour)</li><li><a name="127"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22368.htm">Merali (Zeeya) - The idea of creating a new universe in the lab is no joke</A>" (Read / Write, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="128"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22282.htm">Miller (Kenneth) - Night school</A>" (Read / Write, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="129"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22408.htm">Mireault (Gina) - Five-month-old babies know what s funny</A>" (Read, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="130"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22262.htm">Montague (Jules) - Why is the brain prone to orid forms of confabulation?</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="131"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22283.htm">Moran (Joe) - The crystalline wall</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="132"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22291.htm">Mullaney (Tom) - How Cold War rivalry helped launch the Chinese computer</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="133"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22222.htm">Newman (Sandra) - Why men rape</A>" (Read, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="134"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22355.htm">Nichols (Tom) - The crisis of expertise</A>" (Read / Write, 1 hour)</li><li><a name="135"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22347.htm">Nussbaum (Martha) - Beyond anger</A>" (Read / Write, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="136"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22217.htm">Ohlson (Kristin) - The great forgetting</A>" (Read, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="137"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22359.htm">Orent (Wendy) - How plagues really work</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="138"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22235.htm">Phelps (Steven M.) - Touched</A>" (Read / Write, 1.5 hours)</li><li><a name="139"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22327.htm">Pigliucci (Massimo) - To be happier, focus on what s within your control</A>" (Read, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="140"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22299.htm">Pollock (Rufus) - Only governments can safeguard the openness of the internet</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="141"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22240.htm">Price (Huw) - Now it s time to prepare for the Machinocene</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="142"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22339.htm">Price (Huw) - Review - 'The Fabric of Reality' by David Deutsch</A>" (Read / Write, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="206"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6519.htm">Priest (Graham) - Logic: A Very Short Introduction</A>" (Write, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="143"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22409.htm">Priest (Graham) - Truth and Contradiction</A>" (Write, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="144"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_06/Abstract_6529.htm">Priest (Graham) - What Is Philosophy?</A>" (Write, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="145"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22410.htm">Priest (Graham) - What is so Bad about Contradictions?</A>" (Write, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="146"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22292.htm">Prinz (Jesse) - How wonder works</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="147"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22328.htm">Remy (Steven) - The Malmedy trial: how the truth trumped fake torture stories</A>" (Read, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="148"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22270.htm">Rini (Regina) - Should we rename institutions that honour dead racists?</A>" (Read, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="149"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22175.htm">Robbins (Joel) - How arrogance can make even an obnoxious person popular</A>" (Read, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="150"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22402.htm">Roettenbacher (Rachael) - How the face of a distant star reveals our place in the cosmos</A>" (Read / Write, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="151"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22311.htm">Romeo (Nick) - Platonically irrational</A>" (Read / Write, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="152"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22320.htm">Russell (Andrew) & Vinsel (Lee) - Whitey on Mars</A>" (Read / Write, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="153"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22288.htm">Scales (David) - Doctors have become less empathetic, but is it their fault?</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="154"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22245.htm">Schank (Hana) - Where s Bobbi Fischer?</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="155"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22396.htm">Scheidel (Walter) - The bloodstained leveller</A>" (Read / Write, 1.25 hours)</li><li><a name="156"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22405.htm">Schellenberg (J. L.) - The end is not near</A>" (Read / Write, 1 hour)</li><li><a name="157"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22287.htm">Seneca (Lucius Annaeus) & Pigliucci (Massimo) - On the happy life</A>" (Read / Write, 2 hours)</li><li><a name="158"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22227.htm">Skinner (Michael) - Unied theory of evolution</A>" (Read, 1 hour)</li><li><a name="159"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22223.htm">Smith (Justin E.H.) - How philosophy came to disdain the wisdom of oral cultures</A>" (Read, 0.25 hours)</li><li>Somerset Maugham (W.) - Short Stories: Daisy (Read / Write, 3.5 hours)</li><li>Somerset Maugham (W.) - Short Stories: Gigolo and Gigolette (Read / Write, 1.5 hours)</li><li>Somerset Maugham (W.) - Short Stories: Salvatore (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li>Somerset Maugham (W.) - Short Stories: The Alien Corn (Read / Write, 3 hours)</li><li>Somerset Maugham (W.) - Short Stories: The Book Bag (Read / Write, 2.5 hours)</li><li>Somerset Maugham (W.) - Short Stories: The Colonel's Lady (Read / Write, 2.5 hours)</li><li>Somerset Maugham (W.) - Short Stories: The Door of Opportunity (Read / Write, 3.5 hours)</li><li>Somerset Maugham (W.) - Short Stories: The Kite (Read / Write, 2 hours)</li><li>Somerset Maugham (W.) - Short Stories: The Vessel of Wrath (Read / Write, 3.5 hours)<br>&rarr; See <a name="160"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_21/Abstract_21756.htm">Somerset Maugham (W.) - Short Stories</A>"</li><li><a name="161"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22369.htm">Spicer (Andr) - Had a good think lately?</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="162"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22370.htm">Spicer (Andr) - Stupeed</A>" (Read / Write, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="163"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22350.htm">Spurgin (Lewis) - This island life</A>" (Read / Write, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="164"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22358.htm">Staudenmaier (Peter) - The Nazis as occult masters? It s a good story but not history</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="165"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22397.htm">Stein (Alexandra) - How totalism works</A>" (Write, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="166"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22253.htm">Studemeyer (J. Bradley) - How fashion moves philosophy forward</A>" (Read, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="167"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22407.htm">Subramanian (Samanth) - The wanderer</A>" (Read / Write, 1.25 hours)</li><li><a name="168"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22352.htm">Switek (Brian) - Extinction is forever: de-extinction can t save what we had</A>" (Read, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="169"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22290.htm">Tadros (Victor) - It is sometimes right to ght in an unjust war</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="170"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22302.htm">Tampio (Nicholas) - Stuck on one idea of truth or beauty? Rhizomes can help</A>" (Read, 0.25 hours)</li><li><a name="171"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22248.htm">Tasioulas (John) - Are human rights anything more than legal conventions?</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="172"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22236.htm">Thomas (Ben) - Eating people is wrong  but it s also widespread and sacred</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="173"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22337.htm">Todorov (Alexander) - First impressions count</A>" (Read / Write, 1 hour)</li><li><a name="174"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22304.htm">Tosi (Justin) & Warmke (Brandon) - Moral grandstanding: there s a lot of it about, all of it bad</A>" (Read / Write, 0.5 hours)</li><li><a name="175"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22238.htm">Truschke (Audrey) - A much-maligned Mughal</A>" (Read / Write, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="176"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22315.htm">Vannini (Walter) - Coding is not  fun , it s technically and ethically complex</A>" (Read / Write, 1.75 hours)</li><li><a name="177"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22285.htm">Wallace (Lary) - Now THAT was music</A>" (Read / Write, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="178"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22343.htm">Walton (Stuart) - Theory from the ruins</A>" (Read / Write, 0.75 hours)</li><li><a name="179"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22333.htm">Whitelock (Anna) - Why the Tudors still rule</A>" (Read / Write, 1 hour)</li><li><a name="180"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22363.htm">Wilkinson (Dominic) & Doolabh (Keyur) - Which lives matter most?</A>" (Read / Write, 1.25 hours)</li><li><a name="181"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22404.htm">Yurkiewicz (Ilana) - Medical disrespect</A>" (Write, 0.25 hours)</li></ul></li><li><b>Thesis Background - Books Admin</b><ul type="disc"><li><a name="182"></a>"<A HREF = "../../PaperSummaries/PaperSummary_09/PaperSummary_9513.htm">Admin - Catalogue Papers and Books (including Abstract improvements)</A>" (0.25 hours)</li></ul></li><li><b>Thesis Background - Status</b> (Total Hours = 3)<ul type="disc"><li>1Q17 Status Reports (2.75 hours)</li><li>2Q17 Status Reports (0.25 hours)<br>&rarr; See <a name="183"></a>"<A HREF = "../../PaperSummaries/PaperSummary_09/PaperSummary_9515.htm">Admin - Thesis Planning+Admin (April - June)</A>"</li></ul></li></ol><BR><B><U>Plans for the Near Future  Top Priority Tasks</B></U> <ul type="disc"><li>I now have a clear idea of what I want to do over the <U><A HREF="#On-Page_Link_518_6">next 15 months</A></U><SUB>6</SUB><a name="On-Page_Return_518_6"></A>, which is to <U><A HREF="#On-Page_Link_518_7">complete a skeleton thesis</A></U><SUB>7</SUB><a name="On-Page_Return_518_7"></A> to my own satisfaction. As such I require rigorous focus on the priority tasks, books and papers. Lower-priority reading is not likely to get a look in, so will be cut. </li><li>An  ideal next step (and one previously suggested) is to ensure that everything of relevance that I have actually read is written up and incorporated in my Notes database and only later  and secondly  consider anything that I have not yet read. This would require discipline, in that interesting new stuff is always turning up, and would be an iterative process. Further, given I m not getting any younger, it could also be wasting time which should be focussed on using the most relevant materials. </li><li>So, if what I ve read and written on  in the form of particular papers on a particular topic  is most relevant, I ll  process that, but otherwise will start anew. </li><li>As far as effort is concerned, to balance the books I ve had to retain planned hours / week at 14. This is ludicrously inadequate for what I want to achieve. </li><li>So, despite the above caveat, the primary tasks for the next quarter will be to <BR>&rarr; Continue my analysis of <a name="207"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_00/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_130.htm">Olson (Eric) - The Human Animal - Personal Identity Without Psychology</A>", and<BR>&rarr; Complete a full review and update of the <A Href="../../Notes/Notes_Jump_1.htm" TARGET = "_top">Notes</A> I ve created on Personal Identity, focusing on those with least content. </li><li>Following that, the focus (if you can call it that) will be on the following bumper list:- <ol type="1"><li>Continue with my <a name="6"></a><A HREF = "../Notes_7/Notes_733_42465972.htm">Thesis</A><SUP>8</SUP>; in particular fill out those sections that I can write something on without further research.</li><li>Make progress on specific Chapters, using the materials below & </li><li><a name="7"></a><A HREF = "../Notes_7/Notes_762_42465972.htm">Chapter 2</A><SUP>9</SUP> (What Are We?). Focussing on:- <ol type="I"><li>Human Beings: <a name="184"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_18/Abstract_18375.htm">Johnston (Mark) - 'Human Beings' Revisited: My Body is Not an Animal</A>".</li><li>Selves:- <ol type="i"><li><a name="208"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6364.htm">Dainton (Barry) - Self: Philosophy In Transit</A>", </li><li><a name="209"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6361.htm">O'Hear (Anthony), Ed. - Mind, Self and Person</A>". </ol> </ol> </li><li><a name="8"></a><A HREF = "../Notes_10/Notes_1018_42465972.htm">Chapter 6</A><SUP>10</SUP> (Animalism). Focussing on:- <ol type="i"><li><a name="210"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_00/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_130.htm">Olson (Eric) - The Human Animal - Personal Identity Without Psychology</A>", my core text, </li><li><a name="211"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_00/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_126.htm">Merricks (Trenton) - Objects and Persons</A>", </li><li><a name="185"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_20/Abstract_20779.htm">Bailey (Andrew M.) - The Elimination Argument</A>",</li><li><a name="186"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_20/Abstract_20786.htm">Olson (Eric) - On Parfit's View That We Are Not Human Beings</A>",</li><li><a name="187"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_20/Abstract_20707.htm">Olson (Eric) - The Metaphysical Implications of Conjoined Twining</A>",</li><li><a name="188"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_20/Abstract_20787.htm">Olson (Eric) - The Role of the Brainstem in Personal Identity</A>",</li><li><a name="189"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_20/Abstract_20427.htm">Shoemaker (Sydney) - Persons, Animals, and Identity</A>",</li><li><a name="212"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6358.htm">Snowdon (Paul) - Persons, Animals, Ourselves</A>". </ol></li><li><a name="9"></a><A HREF = "../Notes_10/Notes_1019_42465972.htm">Chapter 7</A><SUP>11</SUP> (The Constitution View):- <ol type="i"><li>Start a serious review of <a name="213"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_00/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_66.htm">Baker (Lynne Rudder) - Persons and Bodies: A Constitution View</A>", my other core text. </li><li>Read and review <a name="214"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6335.htm">Corcoran (Kevin) - Rethinking Human Nature: A Christian Materialist Alternative to the Soul</A>". </ol></li><li><a name="10"></a><A HREF = "../Notes_10/Notes_1022_42465972.htm">Chapter 10</A><SUP>12</SUP> (Thought Experiments):- <ol type="i"><li>Investigate <a name="11"></a><A HREF = "../Notes_9/Notes_939_42918442.htm">Transhumanism</A><SUP>13</SUP>. </li><li>In particular, <BR>&rarr; Briefly review <a name="215"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6513.htm">O'Connell (Mark) - To be a Machine</A>", <BR>&rarr; Read <a name="216"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6362.htm">Bostrom (Nick) - Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies</A>" and <a name="217"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6518.htm">Kasparov (Garry), Greengard (Mig) - Deep Thinking: Where Machine Intelligence Ends and Human Creativity Begins</A>", <BR>&rarr; Detailed review of <a name="190"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_22/Abstract_22232.htm">Graziano (Michael) - Endless fun</A>". </ol></li><li><a name="12"></a><A HREF = "../Notes_10/Notes_1023_42465972.htm">Chapter 11</A><SUP>14</SUP> (Resurrection):- <ol type="i"><li>Start a thorough review of <a name="218"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6334.htm">Martin (L. Michael) & Augustine (Keith) - The Myth of an Afterlife: The Case against Life After Death</A>",</li><li>Start a review of <a name="219"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6337.htm">Luper (Steven), Ed. - The Cambridge Companion to Life and Death</A>", especially<BR>&rarr; <a name="191"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_19/Abstract_19916.htm">Olson (Eric) - The Nature of People</A>",</li><li>Start a review of <a name="220"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6517.htm">Bradley (Ben), Feldman (Fred) & Johansson (Jens) - The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Death</A>", especially<BR>&rarr; <a name="192"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_21/Abstract_21139.htm">Zimmerman (Dean) - Personal Identity and the Survival of Death</A>",</li><li>Read and review <a name="193"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_07/Abstract_7296.htm">Baker (Lynne Rudder) - Death and the Afterlife</A>",</li><li><a name="194"></a>"<A HREF = "../../Abstracts/Abstract_20/Abstract_20714.htm">Corcoran (Kevin) - Dualism, Materialism and the Problem of Post Mortem Survival</A>". </ol></li><li>As background tasks:- <ol type="i"><li>Convert old <A Href="../../PrecisCatalogSubTopic.htm" TARGET = "_top">PDF-prcis</A>, <a name="13"></a><A HREF = "../Notes_11/Notes_1144_42835985.htm">Etc</A><SUP>15</SUP>. to Notes,</li><li>Complete cataloguing the books downloaded from Springer, </li><li>Continue with <a name="221"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6289.htm">Marshall (Richard) - Philosophy at 3:AM: Questions and Answers with 25 Top Philosophers</A>",</li><li>Complete <a name="222"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6297.htm">Erber (Joan T.) & Szuchman (Lenore T.) - Great Myths of Aging</A>", </li><li>Continue <U><A HREF="#On-Page_Link_518_16">reading and reviewing</A></U><SUB>16</SUB><a name="On-Page_Return_518_16"></A> papers issued by <a name="223"></a>"<A HREF = "../../BookSummaries/BookSummary_06/BookPaperAbstracts/BookPaperAbstracts_6484.htm">Hains (Brigid) & Hains (Paul) - Aeon: A-B (& General)</A>", </li><li>Keep up with the Journals via <a name="14"></a><A HREF = "../Notes_10/Notes_1026_42017797.htm">JSTOR</A><SUP>17</SUP>. </ol> </li></ol> </li></ul><BR><B><U>Summary of Progress to Date</B></U><BR><BR>This was hived off to a separate <a name="15"></a><A HREF = "../Notes_8/Notes_821_40530832.htm">Note</A><SUP>18</SUP> back in 2010, and hasn t changed much since.</P> <FONT COLOR = "0000FF"><BR><HR><h3 class = "Left">In-Page Footnotes</h3><a name="On-Page_Link_518_6"></A><U><A HREF="#On-Page_Return_518_6"><B>Footnote 6</B></A></U>: <ul type="disc"><li>Hopefully, I may complete, or get stuck, earlier. </li><li>By  15 months , I mean the period ending on my 65th birthday  ie. 13/11/2018. This is not to slip!</li><li>On the plus side, I m already much further advanced than would be expected of someone commencing a PhD. </li><li>On the minus side, I want to go into much greater depth, and have other projects on the go  most notably Bridge and my Web-tools project. </li><li>The reason for deferring to my 65th birthday is that this is when I get my State Pension. This may not be much, but it ll make a significant contribution towards the fees and expenses, which I can t currently afford. </li></ul> <a name="On-Page_Link_518_7"></A><U><A HREF="#On-Page_Return_518_7"><B>Footnote 7</B></A></U>: <ul type="disc"><li>This used to say  complete a thesis &  , which is obviously impossible, given that my idea of a thesis is way in excess of what is required. </li></ul> <a name="On-Page_Link_518_16"></A><U><A HREF="#On-Page_Return_518_16"><B>Footnote 16</B></A></U>: <ul type="disc"><li>Try to keep up to date, but only read those that are strictly relevant  park the rest! </li><li>At present I have a relatively small reading-backlog, and a much larger reviewing-backlog. </li><li>Try to add a brief comment for each paper. </li></ul> <BR> <a name="LiveVersion"></a><BR><HR><h3 class= "Left">Live Version of this Archived Note</h3> <TABLE class = "ReadingList" WIDTH=700> <TR><TD WIDTH="20%" class = "BridgeCenter"><strong>Date</strong></TD> <TD WIDTH="10%" class = "BridgeRight"><strong>Length</strong></TD> <TD WIDTH="70%" class = "BridgeLeft"><strong>Title</strong></TD></TR> <TR><TD class = "BridgeCenter">06/07/2018 18:56:10</TD> <TD class = "BridgeRight">13277</TD> <TD class = "BridgeLeft"><A HREF = "Notes_518.htm">Status: Personal Identity (2018 - June)</A></TD></TR> </TABLE></CENTER> <a name="TableOfPreviousVersions"></a><BR><HR><h3 class= "Left">Table of 12 Earlier Versions of this Note (of 65)</h3> <TABLE class = "ReadingList" WIDTH=700> <TR><TD WIDTH="20%" class = "BridgeCenter"><strong>Date</strong></TD> <TD WIDTH="10%" class = "BridgeRight"><strong>Length</strong></TD> <TD WIDTH="70%" class = "BridgeLeft"><strong>Title</strong></TD></TR> <TR><TD class = "BridgeCenter">10/04/2017 23:38:24</TD> <TD class = "BridgeRight">12285</TD> <TD class = "BridgeLeft"><A HREF = "Notes_518_42835985.htm">Status: Personal Identity (2017 - March)</A></TD></TR> <TR><TD class = "BridgeCenter">14/01/2017 20:18:14</TD> <TD class = "BridgeRight">10076</TD> <TD class = "BridgeLeft"><A HREF = "Notes_518_42749846.htm">Status: Personal Identity (2016 - December)</A></TD></TR> <TR><TD class = "BridgeCenter">14/10/2016 22:14:53</TD> <TD class = "BridgeRight">6660</TD> <TD class = "BridgeLeft"><A HREF = "Notes_518_42657927.htm">Status: Personal Identity (2016 - September)</A></TD></TR> <TR><TD class = "BridgeCenter">21/07/2016 16:12:00</TD> <TD class = "BridgeRight">9314</TD> <TD class = "BridgeLeft"><A HREF = "Notes_518_42572675.htm">Status: Personal Identity (2016 - June)</A></TD></TR> <TR><TD class = "BridgeCenter">05/04/2016 23:19:41</TD> <TD class = "BridgeRight">9873</TD> <TD class = "BridgeLeft"><A HREF = "Notes_518_42465972.htm">Status: Personal Identity (2016 - March)</A></TD></TR> <TR><TD class = "BridgeCenter">07/01/2016 00:59:02</TD> <TD class = "BridgeRight">14575</TD> <TD class = "BridgeLeft"><A HREF = "Notes_518_42376041.htm">Status: Personal Identity (2015 - December)</A></TD></TR> <TR><TD class = "BridgeCenter">07/10/2015 00:27:22</TD> <TD class = "BridgeRight">12172</TD> <TD class = "BridgeLeft"><A HREF = "Notes_518_42284019.htm">Status: Personal Identity (2015 - September)</A></TD></TR> <TR><TD class = "BridgeCenter">02/07/2015 23:12:29</TD> <TD class = "BridgeRight">11211</TD> <TD class = "BridgeLeft"><A HREF = "Notes_518_42187967.htm">Status: Personal Identity (2015 - June)</A></TD></TR> <TR><TD class = "BridgeCenter">23/04/2015 21:14:24</TD> <TD class = "BridgeRight">12429</TD> <TD class = "BridgeLeft"><A HREF = "Notes_518_42117885.htm">Status: Personal Identity (2015 - March)</A></TD></TR> <TR><TD class = "BridgeCenter">13/01/2015 19:07:41</TD> <TD class = "BridgeRight">11235</TD> <TD class = "BridgeLeft"><A HREF = "Notes_518_42017797.htm">Status: Personal Identity (2014 - December)</A></TD></TR> <TR><TD class = "BridgeCenter">07/10/2014 17:39:50</TD> <TD class = "BridgeRight">9534</TD> <TD class = "BridgeLeft"><A HREF = "Notes_518_41919736.htm">Status: Personal Identity (2014 - September)</A></TD></TR> <TR><TD class = "BridgeCenter">04/07/2014 22:46:34</TD> <TD class = "BridgeRight">8565</TD> <TD class = "BridgeLeft"><A HREF = "Notes_518_41824949.htm">Status: Personal Identity (2014 - June)</A></TD></TR> </TABLE></CENTER> <a name="TableOfLaterVersions"></a><BR><HR><h3 class= "Left">Table of the 3 Later Versions of this Note</h3> <TABLE class = "ReadingList" WIDTH=700> <TR><TD WIDTH="20%" class = "BridgeCenter"><strong>Date</strong></TD> <TD WIDTH="10%" class = "BridgeRight"><strong>Length</strong></TD> <TD WIDTH="70%" class = "BridgeLeft"><strong>Title</strong></TD></TR> <TR><TD class = "BridgeCenter">05/04/2018 10:48:00</TD> <TD class = "BridgeRight">17614</TD> <TD class = "BridgeLeft"><A HREF = "Notes_518_43195450.htm">Status: Personal Identity (2018 - March)</A></TD></TR> <TR><TD class = "BridgeCenter">05/01/2018 00:11:31</TD> <TD class = "BridgeRight">21399</TD> <TD class = "BridgeLeft"><A HREF = "Notes_518_43105008.htm">Status: Personal Identity (2017 - December)</A></TD></TR> <TR><TD class = "BridgeCenter">09/10/2017 23:25:26</TD> <TD class = "BridgeRight">19614</TD> <TD class = "BridgeLeft"><A HREF = "Notes_518_43017976.htm">Status: Personal Identity (2017 - September)</A></TD></TR> </TABLE></CENTER> <BR><HR><BR><CENTER><TABLE class = "Bridge" WIDTH=950><TR> <TH WIDTH="25%">This version updated</TH> <TH WIDTH="50%">Reference for this Topic</TH> <TH WIDTH="50%">Parent Topic</TH></TR> <TR><TD WIDTH="25%">20/07/2017 14:34:05</TD> <TD WIDTH="50%">518 (Status: Personal Identity (2017 - June))</TD> <TD WIDTH="25%"><A href ="../../Notes/Notes_5/Notes_512.htm">Status: Summary (2018 - June)</A></TD></TR> </TABLE><br><hr><br> <h3>Summary of Notes Links from this Page</h3> <CENTER> <TABLE Class = "Bridge" WIDTH=950> <TR> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_8/Notes_821_40530832.htm">Status: Personal Identity (Summary of Progress to Date)</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_5/Notes_519_42936607.htm">Status: Philosophy of Religion (2017 - June)</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_9/Notes_975_42918442.htm">Status: Summary Task List (2017: April - June)</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_10/Notes_1024_42465972.htm">Status: Thesis Dashboard (2016: March)</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_11/Notes_1144_42835985.htm">Theo Todman's BA Papers</A></TD> </TR> <TR> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_7/Notes_762_42465972.htm">Thesis - Chapter 02 (What are We?)</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_10/Notes_1018_42465972.htm">Thesis - Chapter 06 (Animalism and Arguments for It)</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_10/Notes_1019_42465972.htm">Thesis - Chapter 07 (The Constitution View and Arguments for It)</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_10/Notes_1022_42465972.htm">Thesis - Chapter 10 (Thought Experiments)</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_10/Notes_1023_42465972.htm">Thesis - Chapter 11 (Resurrection)</A></TD> </TR> <TR> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_10/Notes_1026_42017797.htm">Thesis - Later Reading</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_7/Notes_733_42465972.htm">Thesis - Outline (2)</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_9/Notes_939_42918442.htm">Transhumanism (2)</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="20%">.</TD> <TD WIDTH="20%">.</TD> </TR> </TABLE> </CENTER> <P class = "Centered">To access information, click on one of the links in the table above (if any).</P> <BR><HR><BR><h3>Summary of Note Links to this Page</h3> <CENTER> <TABLE Class = "Bridge" WIDTH=950> <TR> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_8/Notes_849_42936607.htm#1">Status: Consciousness Studies (2017 - June)</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_5/Notes_512_42936607.htm#1">Status: Summary (2017 - June)</A>, <A href = "../../Notes/Notes_5/Notes_512_42936607.htm#15">2</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="20%"><A href = "../../Notes/Notes_9/Notes_975_43009838.htm#6">Status: Summary Task List (2017: July - September)</A></TD> <TD WIDTH="20%">&nbsp;</TD> <TD WIDTH="20%">&nbsp;</TD> </TR> </TABLE> </CENTER> <P class = "Centered">To access information, click on one of the links in the table above (if any).</P> <BR><HR><BR> <a name="ColourConventions"></a><h3 class = "Left">Text Colour Conventions</h3></center><OL TYPE="1"><LI><FONT COLOR = "0000FF">Blue</FONT>: Text by me; &copy; Theo Todman, 2018</li></OL><BR> <center><center><BR><HR><BR><TABLE class = "Bridge" WIDTH=950><TR><TD WIDTH="30%">&copy; Theo Todman, June 2007 - 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