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Status: Web-Tools (2023 - June)

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Rationale for this Project

Summary of Progress during April - June 2023
  1. I spent 91.25 hours in 23Q2 on this Project, or related work (267 hours YTD, where for "YTD" - Year to Date - I mean the (academic) year that commenced in October 2022). That's 101.6% of the planned effort (108.4% YTD). Overall, 12% of my Project effort in the Quarter was directed towards this project (making 13.7% YTD) - as against 11.9% planned (12% YTD).
  2. As can be seen, I spent round about my time allocation on this project last Quarter. Unfortunately, almost all of this was bridge-related: either Club sites or bridge-related elements of my own site.
  3. I’ve still not completed an important project to reduce the of my Web_Generator_Performance database, which holds all the links between the various objects on my website. It’s now in a mess, and the Spider function no longer works. I intend to sort this out in the coming quarter.
  4. I continued to develop and run the function within my Bridge database to record the NGS rankings of all players in Essex and Suffolk (using screen-scraping from the EBU website) on a day-by day basis. This is for two reasons:
    1. To reconcile the NGS calculations, knowing all the (non-hidden) NGS ratings of the participants.
    2. To get an indication of which days of the week – and how often – people play NGS-rated bridge in these difficult post-pandemic times.
  5. I started a project to translate numerals in my Ling databases. Hopefully I’ll complete this next Quarter.
  6. Completed items included:-
    1. Own Website:
      • Infrastructure
        1. Toshiba Laptop - Coffee over keyboard! Fixed - disabled inbuilt keboard + installed USB keyboard.
      • Notes
        1. Enhanced comparative Ling database - Added Polish to Ukrainian vs Russian
        2. Ling database: Reformated webpages for iPhone
    2. Other Websites:
      • Bridge
        1. Revived Small Bridge Sites
  7. Full details for 23Q2 are given below13:-
    Website (Total Hours = 60.5)
    1. Website - Bridge Development (Total Hours = 8)
      • Bridge - Website - Automate NGS Data Gathering & Recalculation (1.25 hours)
      • Bridge - Website - Determine Playing Days (5.25 hours)
      • Bridge - Website - Results Database - Develop NGS Par Report (1.5 hours)
        → See "Software Development - Website - Development" (8 hours)
    2. Website - Bridge Maintenance (Total Hours = 22.25)
      • Bridge - Website - NGS Data Gathering & Recalculation (15.75 hours)
      • Bridge - Website - Results Database Maintenance (6.5 hours)
        → See "Admin - Bridge - Admin" (22.25 hours)
    3. Website - Development (Total Hours = 13.25)
      • Website - Generator - Enhance comparative Ling database - Ukrainian vs Russian - Add Polish (0.75 hours)
      • Website - Generator - Ling database: Reformat webpages for iPhone (2 hours)
      • Website - Generator - Ling database: Translate Numerals (6.25 hours)
      • Website - Generator - Set up comparative Ling database: Data Entry (4 hours)
      • Website - Generator - Use Edge for Spider (0.25 hours)
        → See "Software Development - Website - Development" (13.25 hours)
    4. Website - Education
    5. Website - Infrastructure (Total Hours = 7.25)
      • Investigate & Install Bitwarden Password Manager (0.5 hours)
      • iPhone Photos: Move from My Photo Stream to iCloud (0.25 hours)
      • Kaspersky replacement by Norton on own & Julie's laptops + Desktop (0.25 hours)
      • Microsoft Windows / MS Office / Norton - Releases, Bugs & Periodic Re-boots (1.75 hours)
      • PC Backups / OneDrive (1 hour)
      • Researching, Purchasing & Installing Keyboard & Speakers for Desktop PC (0.75 hours)
      • Toshiba Laptop - Coffee over keyboard! Fix - disable inbuilt keboard + install USB keyboard (2.75 hours)
        → See "Admin - Website - Admin & Maintenance" (7.25 hours)
    6. Website - Maintenance (Total Hours = 7.25)
      • 23Q1 Status Reports (1.75 hours)
      • Website - Generator - WebRefs - Manual / Automatic URL Checks & Fixes (0.75 hours)
      • Website - Home Page, Etc, Maintenance (3.75 hours)
      • Website - Periodic Full Regeneration (1 hour)
        → See "Admin - Website - Admin & Maintenance" (7.25 hours)
    Website Others (Total Hours = 30.75)
    1. Website Others - ECBA Maintenance
    2. Website Others - Mayflower DBC Maintenance
    3. Website Others - Mountnessing DBC Maintenance
    4. Website Others - Small Bridge Sites
Plans for the Near Future

The Plan below is taken automatically from the Priority 1 items on my Development Log, as published in my Outstanding Developments14 Report. I’ve had to reduce my weekly time allocation to 5 hours.
  1. Own Website: Priority 1 Items By Category:-
    • Architecture
      1. Complete XRef-re-engineering project:-
        1. Ensure all links and link-pages use the new XRef table, and pension off the old tables where appropriate.
        2. Check all link-types still work and fix any errors.
        3. Complete the auto-triggering of regeneration of “associated” link pages.
        4. Fix Bug whereby PaperSummary pages seem to have “Works-” and “Books/Papers-” Citings that refer to the same link-pages.
        5. Complete Documenting15 the process!
      2. Document16, repair & update my Website site-map
      3. Enable use of Snippets for long Notes and Abstracts
      4. Review effectiveness of hyperlinking method in the light of PhD and Philosophy of Religion experience.
      5. Where possible, use ID rather than NAME for in-page hyperlinks
    • Authors
      1. Import Author Narratives from Aeon (and other sources) into the Authors table
    • Backups
      1. Determine why flag on directories "not to be backed up" gets reset
      2. Document and enable regular running of the de-duplication function ('pruning') of the backup disk. Keep a full record of deleted duplicates.
      3. Investigate historic error messages
      4. Investigate Record-count discrepancies:-
        1. How do website files work as far as counts are concerned?
        2. Why aren't they recorded in Backup_History, nor the fact that the website was backed up?
        3. Different counts depending on whether new or old laptop is backed up. Investigate 63k discrepancy - lower on new laptop.
      5. Review architecture to improve performance; Need to document17 first
    • Books/Papers
      1. Investigate whether multiple Subject/Topic/Subtopic usage leads anywhere (ie. are just the first (of 3) actually used). Fix anything amiss.
      2. Reformat the BookCitings and PaperCitings pages:-
        1. Detail PaperCitings Pages: Include only useful information on the detail pages; but if there are multiple links from the same object, include them on the same line as 'extra links' as in BookCitings (copy the code: or, better, combine the two subs).
        2. Summary (Author Letter) pages: Include counts (as in Authors' Citations).
        3. Ensure uses the Cross_Reference table.
        4. Document18!
    • Bridge
      1. Correct NGS Recalculation: Incorporate 3-year limit
    • Chess
      1. Convert Chess Consolidated Results page to ELO Grading
    • Documenter
      1. Investigate the error reports from the Documenter, especially unused variables & queries.
      2. Provide Functional Documentation for Website Generator (using Notes)
    • Education
      1. Read "PC Pro - Computing in the Real World".
      2. Read "White (Ron) & Downs (Timothy Edward) - How Computers Work: The Evolution of Technology".
    • Infrastructure
      1. iCloud for Windows: Re-install & solve 'The upload folder for iCloud Photos is missing' problem. Try on new Laptop.
      2. Investigate Visual Studio Code
      3. Migrate from Chrome to Bitwarden for password management
      4. Move from My Photo Stream to iCloud by 26th July 2023
    • Notes
      1. Add "Note Alternates" to Note pages.
      2. Allow the option to concatenate Notes in the Printed version (ie. linearly embed them essay-style), rather than treating the hyperlinks as footnotes – but still keep the hyperlink & cross-referencing in place.
        1. For use as "disclaimers" - eg. for "Plug Notes".
        2. For Thesis / essays: the difficulty here is the need for linking passages to make the text run smoothly.
      3. As part of the Cross-Referencing project, check out the consistent treatment of Note 87519, which should be universally ignored. Recently, links to it appeared on web pages Book_Summary, BookPaperAbstracts and BooksToNotes, as a Note referencing a Book. The critical item was a row on the Note_Book_Links table.
      4. Bug: "++ NP ++" links to previously linked note or Note 0 and causes type mismatch in Reference_Notes for embedded Notes in Papers. Example20!
      5. Determine why all my Status Reports from September 2021 are missing from Notes_Archive. Seek to recover them from backups.
      6. Develop a method to create Papers for rows in Aeon_Files that have an associated Identity_Note_ID but no Paper_ID.
      7. Develop method for (manually) deleting otiose Archived Notes: ie. ensure links work for remaining Notes!
      8. Document and correct processing for Note References & Reading List21.
      9. Enhance PID Note, Book & Paper Usage22 to include a section listing works cited in my Thesis but not read
      10. Enhance comparative Ling database - Replace numerals by words in Vocabulary and Dialogues
      11. Investigate Note_Links: Section references seem to be incorrect
      12. PID Thesis References - De-duplicate / suppress and / or change sort order / aggregation for non-anthology book chapters
      13. Printable Notes: fix the bug whereby the “private” flag is round the wrong way.
    • Papers
      1. Split PDFs Available on Local Website23 page into alphabetical sub-pages
      2. The monthly regeneration process for Paper Abstracts is still taking too long. Monitor! Last run: 1.13 hours on 01/06/2023.
    • Photos
      1. Timeline software24: Add photos for Bakers' Coxes Farm Development Phase III
      2. Timeline software25: Add photos for Henry's Biography
      3. Timeline software26: Add photos for Holidays & Family History
      4. Develop software & procedure to make adding more content to the photos pages easier to undertake.
    • Process
      1. Determine why Recalculation & Changed Book/Papers produce unneeded regeneration.
      2. Provide 'Quick' option for Recalculation (cmdRecalculate_Click) - exclude unnecessary items on request
    • Spider
      1. Analyse the results of the data collection exercise and design a plan of campaign to fix broken Internal links and prevent recurrence.
        1. Correct the code so the problems discovered by the Spider don’t recur.
        2. Delete 'orphan pages' that are never linked to, ie. Use the Spider to prune redundant pages28 automatically where possible.
        3. Fix the historical data where errors are uncovered by the Spider. An easier task now the site has a full-regen function.
      2. As revealed by Spider: Consolidated Site-Hits Test Webpage. Mountnessing\index.htm Link. Should be .shtml.
      3. Failed 'Printable Note' links not picked up by Spider: Especially in Blog
      4. Investigate reduction in size of Web_Generator_Performance database that holds Raw_Links.
        1. Suppress MsgBox for 'Near to 2Gb' database size check (just use Debug).
        2. One-off deletion of rather useless links: EMail, TheosStyle.css, TT_ICO.png, #Top, ...
        3. Remove code that generates these links, and check them.
        4. Investigate removal of website 'root' (C:\Theo's Files\Websites\Theo's Website\) from Raw_Link and Full_Link. This would save 200Mb, but needs careful checking - especially against the Directory_Structure and related tables and code.
        5. If the above 'root' change is to go ahead - one-off updates + code changes required.
      5. Use Edge rather than Internet Explorer for External Links Spider
    • Technology
      1. Change URL for Page names to something meaningful: For Notes, Papers and Books. Needs to be short!
      2. Convert site to HTTPS
      3. Look into Sistrix Smart29. Errors and warnings itemised are:-
        1. Duplicate content: seems to be variants on
        2. Title Tags: Empty, too long, identical
        3. Page Not Found
        4. Filesize in excess of 1Mb
        5. Meta-Description: Empty
        6. Few words on Page
        7. H1: Not used, used multiple times per page, identical across pages
        8. Pictures: Alt attribute missing
    • WebRefs
      1. Documentation & Bug-fixes: Phase 2
        1. Re-document the procedures in the light of recent changes.
        2. Resolve issues generated / revealed by the spider.
        3. Investigate - and fix where possible - broken links.
      2. Find a way of recording Missing / Unknown Webrefs (eg. Webrefs 8395 and 8342 in Archived Notes 1292 and 1317) other than debug.print: create table, then suppress message for known problems
      3. Investigate items flagged as defunct. Populate Defunct_Explanation in WebRefs_Table. Consider use of FairUse (Link (Fair Use)) for documents no longer available that I'd downloaded.
      4. Investigate WebRefs with Issue = 'URL Translated OK': does the translation really work? How?
  2. Other Websites: Priority 1 Items By Category:-

Summary of Progress to Date

This is hived off to various separate documents, which have now been harmonising and / or consolidated:-
  1. Summary of Progress to Date27.
  2. Outstanding Developments30,
  3. Functional Documentation31,
  4. A summary of time expended across the years developing my website33 is at "Software Development - Website - Development".

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