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How would I make known to them what I was like?

The response to this question risks being repetitious of the previous1 one, so I’ll be brief. Maybe I’ll partition these responses better in a later update!

As said before, I agree that General and Special Revelation is a good approach. However, also as said before, General Revelation is marred by what “the people of the book” see as the Fall (what non-theists would see as a consequence of the laws of thermodynamics, though maybe the two views are not incompatible – though the idea that the laws of thermodynamics changed at the Fall of Adam seems strange to me, given that these laws are – as far as we know – applicable throughout the universe). (Sylvia’s Response2). And Special Revelation to a particular people leads to a log-jam while they get on with things. So I might have set a few more hares running. (Sylvia’s Response3).

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