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The Great Plan of God

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How would I have revealed my overall plan to them?

If I had a specific plan that couldn’t be deduced from the natural world as such (ie. my plan involves non-natural events, or at least events that belong to human society), then I’d have to tell them (assuming I wanted them to know). So, I’m happy with Special Revelation as a concept, and am insistent that there would need to be such. The question is, what form would it take, and how would I deliver it?

As said before1, as I know how useless human beings are at following instructions, I’d have a number of contingency plans in case the message wasn’t transmitted by the appointed messengers.

I’d either have overridden the humanity of my authors and revealed facts that couldn’t possibly have been known (so as to authenticate the rest of the narrative) (Sylvia’s Response2) or I’d have worked with the natural limitations of the authors, and expected people to interpret the narrative, warts and all, in that light. This is a matter of interpretation, and the latter approach seems the more likely to me. If I’d intended a middle ground – an inerrant but (as far as “non-spiritual” matters are concerned) non-revelatory account, I’d have made sure the mode of interpretation was clearer (Sylvia’s Response3) so as not to cast stumbling-blocks in the path of conscientious thinkers (or would have put a stop in the mouths of fundamentalists who want an easy exegetical life (“just look it up in the book”).

Additionally, I wouldn’t have given my plans for the end times in such an impenetrable code that no-one can understand them, but so that an army of exegetes can be happily but uselessly employed writing mutually incompatible interpretations. (Sylvia’s Response4) Edward de Bono (in a rare moment of non-repetitive insight) advises those thinkers who want to have a large following to “be obscure”, then a large high-priest cult of interpreters will arise, and there will be lots of academic jobs to go round (I’m not sure who he had in mind here, but philosophers like Hegel, Heidegger or Wittgenstein fit the bill nicely).

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