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Status Reports - Status: Personal Identity (2017 - June)

Rationale for this Project

Summary of Progress during April – June 2017
  1. I spent 170 hours in 2Q17 on my Thesis or Thesis-related work (488 hours YTD, where for “YTD” – Year to Date – I mean the (academic) year that commenced in October 2016). That’s 93% of the planned effort (89% YTD). Overall, 27% of my Project effort in the Quarter was directed towards this project (making 25% YTD) – as against 28% planned (29% YTD).
  2. In addition to again spending less time than planned, I again didn’t spend it on the tasks planned.
    1. I started to spend some time researching Transhumanism,
      → completing "O'Connell (Mark) - To be a Machine" and "Graziano (Michael) - Endless fun" and
      → starting "Bostrom (Nick) - Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies" and "Kasparov (Garry), Greengard (Mig) - Deep Thinking: Where Machine Intelligence Ends and Human Creativity Begins".
    2. Started to read the long and difficult "Zimmerman (Dean) - Personal Identity and the Survival of Death", which I found on-line. I subsequently purchased "Bradley (Ben), Feldman (Fred) & Johansson (Jens) - The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Death" in which it was published.
    3. A considerable amount of time was spent on papers issued under the aegis of "Hains (Brigid) & Hains (Paul) - Aeon: A-B". These are very interesting, and of wide scope. Not many of them are strictly germane to my research interests, but – as last quarter – I continued to read – and where possible remark on – the one or two of interest that appear daily. I have found this very satisfying and it has raised a lot of issues across a broad range of topics, many relevant to my research. But I think it has become too distracting and time-consuming to continue with.
    4. As a background task, I completed re-reading and reviewing "Somerset Maugham (W.) - Short Stories".
  3. Progress between reports can be obtained from the relevant section of my Summary Task List.
  4. More detail follows:-

Thesis (Total Hours = 57)
  1. Thesis - Reading / Writing (Total Hours = 47)
  2. Thesis - Discussions (Total Hours = 3.75)
  3. Thesis - Research Repositioning (Total Hours = 6.25)

Thesis Background (Total Hours = 113)
  1. Thesis Background - Reading / Writing (Total Hours = 109.75)
  2. Thesis Background - Books Admin
  3. Thesis Background - Status (Total Hours = 3)

Plans for the Near Future – Top Priority Tasks
Summary of Progress to Date

This was hived off to a separate Note back in 2010, and hasn’t changed much since.

In-Page Footnotes

Footnote 6:
  • Hopefully, I may complete, or get stuck, earlier.
  • By “15 months”, I mean the period ending on my 65th birthday – ie. 13/11/2018. This is not to slip!
  • On the plus side, I’m already much further advanced than would be expected of someone commencing a PhD.
  • On the minus side, I want to go into much greater depth, and have other projects on the go – most notably Bridge and my Web-tools project.
  • The reason for deferring to my 65th birthday is that this is when I get my State Pension. This may not be much, but it’ll make a significant contribution towards the fees and expenses, which I can’t currently afford.
Footnote 7:
  • This used to say “complete a thesis …”, which is obviously impossible, given that my idea of a thesis is way in excess of what is required.
Footnote 16:
  • Try to keep up to date, but only read those that are strictly relevant – park the rest!
  • At present I have a relatively small reading-backlog, and a much larger reviewing-backlog.
  • Try to add a brief comment for each paper.

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