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Status: Bridge (2017 - September)

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Rationale for this Project

Summary of Progress during July - September 2017
  1. Overview:
    • I had a very busy first 20 days of July, since when I’ve not played.
    • Results in general were rather depressing, and my rating dropped further from a K to a Q, when I called it a day.
    • The real crisis point was superficially a success, in the London Swiss Teams (see below). The problem was with the X-IMPS, which were flat for Albert and me, when we thought we’d had a good day. It was substantially down to one board where we correctly stopped in 5 of a major knowing there was an AK out against us in a side suit. Unfortunately, lots of pairs had been in small or even grand slams, sometimes doubled, and always making. So, we got a terrible X-IMPs score, while our partners got a good score for only letting through the small slam. This was in a field with a lot of international players. I decided the game was too silly to continue with, given the time it takes from other projects.
    • I spent only 41% of planned effort on this project; details below. This was due to my retirement mid-July.
  2. The Highlights of the quarter were:-
    • London Swiss Teams (YCBC, Sunday 16th July, with Albert; Peter & Pat as team-mates): 6th out of 27 in a very strong field. 1 GP gained
    • Essex “C” vs Cambs & Hunts (Sunday 2nd July): With David. Pretty abject. The team lost 0-20, and David and I were -32 Butler-IMPs, for no good reason.
  3. I’ve continued supporting the ECBA website (Essex Contract Bridge Association) and Bernie’s Website (First Class Bridge) as well as various sites for small clubs (Essex Bridge Results).
  4. I spent a lot of time %age-wise on system and session reviews which, as always, needs to be kept in check. I was trying to determine what was going wrong, other than random fluctuations.
  5. Effort Expenditure: During 3Q17 I expended 87 hours on this project (870 hours YTD, where for “YTD” – Year to Date – I mean the (academic) year commencing in October 2016). That’s 41% of the planned effort, 101% YTD. Overall, 12% of my Project effort in the Quarter was directed towards this project (making 33% YTD) – as against 30% planned (32% YTD).
  6. Statistics: by partner and club-category can be obtained by following these links – for the last quarter and to date.
  7. Recent Results: Follow this link. Further information can be found from my Bridge Page3.
  8. Local Points:
    • 33,768, bagged to date, including 1,175 Blue Points, 98.56 Green Points and 0.22 Gold Points4.
    • That makes me a National Master. My next aim – if I play again – will be to achieve Premier National Master status (40,000 LPs, including 100 GPs) – so just there as far as GPs are concerned5, but still a long way to go for local points.
    • I think I had about 5,000 LPs from my student days, but never registered any, more’s the pity.
  9. EBU Grading:
    • My rating continued to decline in 3Q17, and was down to a mid Q by the time I stopped playing.
    • See Link for full details of the scheme, and the summary6 and previous reports for my detailed meanderings over time.
  10. Summary of Progress to Date: I’ve hived off the history to a separate document7.
  11. Further Details: of time expenditure against task are given below, extracted from the relevant version of my Summary Task List8 (which is regularly updated between Quarterly Status Reports).

Bridge (Total Hours = 87.25)
  1. Bridge - Reading / Writing
  2. Bridge - Admin (Total Hours = 11.75)
  3. Bridge - Play (Total Hours = 43.75)
    • Bridge - Bernie's (Albert) (3 hours)
    • Bridge - Bernie's (Colin) (3.5 hours)
    • Bridge - ECL vs Cambs & Hunts "C" (David Tennet) (4 hours)
    • Bridge - Hutton (David Tennet) (3.5 hours)
    • Bridge - Hutton / St Edith's (Colin) (3.25 hours)
    • Bridge - London Swiss Teams (Albert) (7.5 hours)
    • Bridge - Mayflower (David Tennet) (6.25 hours)
    • Bridge - Mountnessing (David Tennet) (9.75 hours)
    • Bridge - Woodham (Albert) (3 hours)
      → See "Admin - Bridge - Playing"
  4. Bridge - Study (Total Hours = 28.75)
    • Bridge - Question from Dennis (0.75 hours)
    • Bridge - Session Reviews (Albert) (4.5 hours)
    • Bridge - Session Reviews (Colin) (2.5 hours)
    • Bridge - Session Reviews (David Tennet) (9.75 hours)
    • Bridge - Systems Review (Albert) (3.75 hours)
    • Bridge - Systems Review (Colin) (1 hour)
    • Bridge - Systems Review (Strong Diamond) (6 hours)
      → See "Admin - Bridge - Study"
    • "Chawner (Marc) - Your Lead Partner" (0.5 hours)

Plans for the Near Future:
  1. I don’t intend to play in the coming academic year, so I’ve drastically reduced the schedule to a mere 2 hours a week throughout the coming quarter. I’m not sure whether I’ll produce another of these reports until this time next year – it’ll depend whether there’s anything interesting to report.
  2. Keep in touch with the Bridge scene, if possible.
  3. Probably attend the ECBA Committee meeting on 1st November.
  4. Bridge Study9:-

In-Page Footnotes:

Footnote 2: Footnote 4: These have been amortised over the years.

Footnote 5: Taking into account the BPs, which are converted at the rate 300 BPs = 1 GP.

Footnote 9:

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