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Status: Music (2017 - September)

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Rationale for this Project

Summary of Progress During July - September 2017
  1. I spent 79 hours in 3Q17 on this project (179 hours YTD, where by “YTD” – Year to Date – I mean the (academic) year commenced in October 2016). That’s 151% of the planned effort (114% YTD). Overall, 11% of my Project effort in the Quarter was directed towards this project (making 7% YTD) – as against 7% planned (6% YTD).
  2. As can be seen, I took this project even more seriously this quarter than last quarter. I’m continuing to improve my stamina as an oboist. A couple of the more musical ensemble members claimed my oboe was out of tune, so I purchased a tuner. I’d thought the oboe was in tune by definition, but it seems the pitch changes as it warms up. Due to various illnesses, our ensemble has been reduced to strings (two violins, cello and double-base) one or two flutes and the oboe. Because the oboes is rather “bright” it tends to dominate in such a small group, so I’ve been asked to move back amongst the bass instruments!
  3. I also commenced fairly limited studies of piano, theory and aural.
  4. Two significant events:-
    1. As originally reported in my March 2017 report, what turned out to be a Howarth S10 was donated to St. John’s by a chap who was never seen again. It was in a plastic bag and was held together with elastic bands. It had no case, but was accompanied by a beginner’s book. I assume the owner had come by it in a charity shop, had had a go and given up. I checked with Howarths, but they hadn’t had it reported stolen. It didn’t work well, so I didn’t do anything with it for 6 months. But last quarter I bought a case for £20 on Amazon and had the oboe serviced for another £20 (the elastic bands had done it a mischief). Since then I’ve been using it exclusively with some success. My old “open hole” Louis LM5 also had a £20 service (it had got bunged up, so the octave keys didn’t work properly). Howarth didn’t think it’d be easy to sell, so I’ve kept it as a reserve.
    2. In order to be able to practice the piano without annoying people or embarrassment I purchased the excellent Yamaha P-45 Electric Piano which is installed in my library and can be played in silence with the aid of some deluxe earphones.
  5. Further details follow:-

Music (Total Hours = 79.25)
  1. Music - Administration (Total Hours = 17.75)
  2. Music - Aural
  3. Music - Oboe (Total Hours = 57.5)
  4. Music - Piano
  5. Music - Theory (Total Hours = 1.25)

Plans for the Near Future
Progress to Date

The lists of items performed is cumulative, so I’ve hived off the history to a separate document2.

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