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Status: Music (2024 - March)

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Rationale for this Project

Summary of Progress during January - March 2024
  1. I spent 105 hours in 24Q1 on this Project, or related work (225 hours YTD, where for "YTD" - Year to Date - I mean the (academic) year that commenced in October 2023). That's 115.1% of the planned effort (156.9% YTD). Overall, 13.2% of my Project effort in the Quarter was directed towards this project (making 15% YTD) - as against 11.3% planned (9.6% YTD).
  2. I overspent my time budget by about 15%, which is no bad thing.
  3. I continue to get to grips with MuseScore, which is what I’ve settled on following "Todman (Theo) - Music Score OCR & Editing Software - Selection & Use". It is needed both for the Enigma Ensemble – which I run – and to help out with the more difficult practice pieces for Grades VII & VIII, both so I can hear what they are supposed to sound like at the required speed and to provide an accompaniment.
  4. I used it to transpose a part for our Clarinettist and – quite a triumph – to convert a piano transcription of a lovely movement from a Bach Organ Sonata for our Ensemble. It’s rather difficult and I’ve spent 10 hours practising my part, on a couple of occasions with Julie. It’s getting there!
  5. While I’ve been focusing on Grade VII oboe, I have started to look at Grade VIII. I now practice almost every day. While this is often for only 15 minutes, which just about keeps things ticking over, it has been increasingly for 30 minutes which is building up stamina and making playing more enjoyable. I need to keep in shape as an oboist, though I’m probably more in shape than the other members of the Ensemble,
  6. Administration is taking away much of my practise time. Indeed, only just over a third of the time recorded against this project was spent actually playing the oboe. This is not good enough. I really need to be practising for 30 minutes every day and occasionally longer.
  7. That said, time organising the Enigma Ensemble is well spent. We’re much better organised and time is much better spent than under our previous Director.
  8. I record and report time spent practicing individual pieces on my oboe: here2.
  9. Further details follow:-
    Music (Total Hours = 105)
    1. Music - Administration (Total Hours = 66.25)
    2. Music - Aural
    3. Music - Oboe (Total Hours = 38.5)
Plans for the Near Future
Progress to Date

The lists of items performed is cumulative, so I’ve hived off the history to a separate document11, which needs a minor update.

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