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Rationale for this Document

Functional Overview

Items Completed In6:-

  1. Own Website: Completed Items By Category:-
    • Abstracts
      1. 15Q4: Corrected data format on Identity Abstracts
      2. 07Q2: Added "Extra Data" parallel to Abstracts; ie. "More …" (Location etc.)
      3. 07Q2: Created auto-backup of Abstracts, and more efficient maintenance web-routines
      4. 07Q2: Segregated Abstracts into multiple directories
    • Aesthetics
      1. 15Q4: Reduced font + changed text in ubiquitous THEO'S PAGE heading
    • Animadversions
      1. 07Q3: Added a "hot topics" link - things that I'm currently working on and want feedback ("Animadversions")
    • Architecture
      1. 18Q2: Adjusted MS Access Control Page34 to feature new functions (Development Log & Automatic XRef) and consolidated the categorised Notes Lists into one button.
      2. 17Q4: Automated links between Quarterly reports (Task Lists)
      3. 15Q3: Made a lot of progress on improving the hyperlinking in my own website – I’ve broken the back of this project. The links now work accurately, but I need to ensure the efficient propagation of linkage changes across the site without requiring a complete regeneration.
      4. 15Q1: Vastly improved the “bulleting” options in Notes, etc.
      5. 14Q2: Added extra linkages between pages (eg. on Author).
      6. 14Q1: Repaired / updated my Website site-map.
      7. 13Q3: Sorted conflicts between Subject, Topic & Sub-Topic IDs
      8. 13Q2: Improved error-recovery where encoding fails for links to Books, Papers and Authors. That is, where one of my bespoke tags (eg. +B35=22) doesn’t match with its corresponding anti-tag (eg. B+).
      9. 13Q2: Replaced macros with code.
      10. 09Q2: Created Site-map for Website
      11. 07Q4: Added password-protection to selected pages
      12. 07Q2: Segregated database36=28 into Master and Slaves (code, papers, books, notes, web control, … vs PI)
      13. 07Q2: Tidied up Footers throughout Philosophy Papers site (made into tables)
    • Authors
      1. 15Q4: Corrected author's names (SN (FN)) for all papers and books
      2. 15Q4: Provided easy links to works by the same author; Books, Papers; Joint authors
      3. 15Q1: Improved the format and content of “Authors” pages.
      4. 14Q2: Created the facility for Author Narratives.
      5. 11Q2: Created Author Cross-reference
    • Backups
      1. 15Q4: Enhanced my backup system to prune items backed up multiple times (eg. if they moved directory).
      2. 14Q2: Used a clone of my Spider routines to create a backup and restore system.
    • Books/Papers
      1. 17Q4: New "Recent Acquisitions" Book List - Uncategorised
      2. 16Q1: Created direct links from Subject, Topic & Sub-topic (in Book and Paper Summaries) to their link pages.
      3. 15Q4: Neatened up the linkage headers in Book & Paper Abstracts.
      4. 15Q4: Updated booklists to include shelf-identifiers
      5. 13Q3: Improved linkages between Book/Paper Lists and Summaries or Abstracts
      6. 13Q3: Made enhancements to "Books & Papers Collection Categorised" Pages
      7. 13Q2: Developed "Books by Location" Pages
      8. 13Q2: Improved the linkage between Papers and Books.
      9. 11Q4: Showed Percentage of Paper / Book Read
      10. 11Q2: Added “changed dates” to Paper and Book abstracts, and produced “recently changed” pages for them
      11. 11Q2: Created Inter-Book-Paper Citings Cross-reference
      12. 09Q3: Completed a full 2-way link from Book/Paper Summaries to Notes.
      13. 09Q3: Made a lot of changes to the way Books and Papers are categorised; in particular:-
        1. Added 2-level jump tables, to save the browser being crowded with hundreds of cross-categorisations in the same page.
        2. While it’s OK for Books, it seems to have a few potholes for Papers, as some of the links fail.
        3. The problem may be something to do with my economical way of suppressing redundant sub-categorisation - ie. where one or more of Subject, Topic and Sub-topic are the same.
      14. 09Q2: Added "quality marker" to Paper & Book Abstracts
      15. 09Q2: De-duplicated Books / Papers to Notes links
      16. 09Q2: Improved, and corrected errors in, the Blackberry-friendly formatted lists of Books and Papers.
      17. 09Q1: Created automatic links from Paper Summary to Book Summary
      18. 09Q1: Enabled links from Books to the Papers contained therein
      19. 09Q1: Enhanced Books to Papers links to include papers multiply held
      20. 09Q1: Improved the Books / Papers to Notes links to include the right Version and Section (and historical Title) of the Note
      21. 09Q1: Provided an automated link from Books / Papers to the Notes referencing them
      22. 07Q2: Added "read" column in papers / books lists
      23. 07Q2: Added Book Comments and Abstracts (as "More…") to Book-lists
      24. 07Q2: Added change of author or title in "Abstracts audit"
      25. 07Q2: Added Flags for "laptop" and "photocopy"; removed document location from Comments
      26. 07Q2: Added multiple Jump-levels for BB Lists (to keep pages small)
      27. 07Q2: Created "BB-friendly37=29" lists: Papers (Full) and Books
      28. 07Q2: Created "Identity Papers Full by Sub-Topic" list
      29. 07Q2: Created "Identity Read Papers by Sub-Topic" list
      30. 07Q2: Created "Papers by Title within Topic" list
      31. 07Q2: Jump-Tables: added "by topic" option
    • Bridge
      1. 18Q1: Corrected format of Links from Bridge Page
      2. 17Q2: Created hyperlinks from my consolidated results pages to the actual results
      3. 13Q2: Created “Consolidated Bridge Results” webpages (for my own results).
    • Clock
      1. 16Q2: Created a "chess clock" application to help time tasks. Not much use in the end.
    • Data
      1. 15Q4: Corrected data content on Identity Sub-topics
    • Documenter
      1. 18Q2: Investigated the error reports from the Documenter:
        1. Improved the diagostics
        2. Removed unused variables from the Generator code.
      2. 18Q1: Created consolidated Development Log, and updated "Progress to Date" and "Outstanding Developments" Reports
      3. 18Q1: Documenter Bug-fixes: Objects in Comments, MsgBoxs & Debugs
      4. 17Q4: Code Archive: Created Web-pages of Recent Code Changes
      5. 17Q4: Code Archive: Hadn't been working - fixed and recovered a selection from backups
      6. 16Q1: Created an automatic Forms documenter – with links to the code.
      7. 15Q4: Segregated the code-archive, which was bloating38=19 the generator database.
      8. 14Q2: Created multiple secure areas on my website, so that Documentation is no longer hiding under my Supervision Notes.
      9. 13Q2: Created a code & query archive facility as part of the Code Documenter.
      10. 13Q2: Wrote the Code Documenter.
    • Footnotes
      1. 10Q2: Added intra-Note footnotes – a real breakthrough (strange I’d not thought of this before). It will enable me to convert to Note form all the old .pdfs from my undergraduate days – which are replete with footnotes – if this is any use.
      2. 07Q3: Improved transparency of Footnote referencing in printed Notes
      3. 07Q2: Created auto-backup of Footnotes39=30, and more efficient maintenance web-routines
      4. 07Q2: Created auto-renumbering40=30 routine for Footnotes
    • General
      1. 18Q2: Website Tidy-up:-
        1. Wrote a function to delete - with specified exceptions - items not regenerated in the last full website regeneration.
        2. Tidied up Site - deleted non-updated pages (especially old Printed Notes). Automatically on the local site, manually - using the audit log - on the live site.
        3. Investigated setting up an FTP link as a drive so I could automatically delete from the live site, but couldn't get it to work. Easy to set up as a drive, but not to assign a drive-letter so the drive can be used by VBA.
      2. 12Q3: Improved Titles for Search Results display optimisation
      3. 07Q2: Improved "Disclaimer41=32" Page. Reduce font, add ref to philosophy databases + hyperlinks
    • Infrastructure
      1. 18Q1: Migration of Website from UKServers to Namesco. Test out.
    • Notes
      1. 18Q2: Added a process to 'fix' - by adding the Note-ID - those note-links added without stating the ID. This will save processing time.
      2. 18Q2: Created automatic key-word referencing (ie. to Notes in the Notes-Group "Personal Identity"). This was complicated for a number of reasons:-
        1. There are always false positives, so there needed to be a way of "proofing" what's to be done before doing anything.
        2. There will be times where it is inappropriate (eg. in quoted work by other authors). So, there had to be a way of permanently suppressing such links.
        3. The referencing differs depending on whether the term is in a Footnote or not.
        4. I needed to check for already-existing links, variant grammatical forms, etc.
        5. I created a MsgBox routine - providing context - so that what needed to be done with potential links could easily be decided when the linking process was (re-)run.
        6. Links are always to Notes, but are from Notes, Archived Notes, Authors and Book & Paper Abstracts & Comments.
      3. 18Q1: Automated format-change of old tables in Notes and Notes_Archive
      4. 18Q1: Extended deduction of Note links to Papers, and Papers with embedded Notes.
      5. 18Q1: Notes Functor42=11 Processing: Phase 1
        1. Basic processing to interpret comments in HTML code
        2. 01: Quarterly Report: Activity insert43
        3. 02: Development Log report - Completed Items by Date44
        4. 03: Development Log report - Outstanding Items by Priority45
        5. 04: Development Log report - Outstanding Items by Category46
        6. 05: Development Log report - Completed Items by Category47
        7. 06: Quarterly Report: Priority 1 Outstanding Developments by Category48
      6. 18Q1: Removed old "Printable Notes" links from Archived Notes
      7. 17Q4: Added %age complete to Notes Reading Lists
      8. 17Q4: Enabled deduction of Note link by omitting the Note ID from the mark-up and doing a look up on the key-word and its varients.
      9. 17Q3: Added Colour-coded "quality markers" to Notes: included them in lists and jump-tables
      10. 16Q1: Allowed Note- & Footnote-links from multiple words49=18. This is such a useful feature!
      11. 16Q1: Completed converting “static” pages to Notes.
      12. 16Q1: Enabled direct links to Notes from within Footnotes.
      13. 16Q1: Stopped (I hope!) “private” Notes showing in Paper Abstracts.
      14. 15Q4: Converted the “static” pages in my website to Note format (so they can change and retain history).
      15. 15Q4: Fixed problem of images not appearing in "Printed" Notes (wrong directory level) unless the images are repeated
      16. 15Q3: Tidied up the archived Notes.
      17. 14Q4: Made improvements to the regeneration and referencing of archived Notes.
      18. 14Q3: Created a progress-tracker50 for my Thesis.
      19. 14Q3: Improved error-recovery where encoding fails for Notes links.
      20. 14Q3: Started to split Paper Abstracts from Write-ups.
      21. 14Q2: Wrote routines to import old (but missing) archived Notes into the database so they can be (and have been) re-exported in the current format.
      22. 14Q1: Made a lot of improvements to my Site generators, in particular the pesky bug that stopped the links to archived Notes working correctly.
      23. 13Q3: "Single Image" development for Notes
      24. 13Q3: Allowed "Authors Works Lists" to be linked-to from Notes
      25. 13Q3: Created Archived Notes Re-Export facility
      26. 13Q3: Simplified / Re-engineered Notes processing
      27. 13Q2: Improved "Concatenated Notes" production
      28. 10Q3: Add “Date Created” to Note_Links (for audit purposes; I’m still not convinced that links disappear when they should).
      29. 10Q3: Investigate Note_Links: needs versioning, and section of calling Note
      30. 10Q3: Wrote routines to automatically generate the “Printable Notes” footer – and to create the corresponding web pages – from the control table. Very useful.
      31. 09Q4: Restricted the size of the “previous versions” tables for Notes to 12.
      32. 09Q3: Enabled automatic immediate promotion to Live Website of selected Temp Notes.
      33. 09Q3: Enabled Concatenated Notes (by Group). This is only allowed for “Identity” Notes at the moment, which is what I’d wanted it for. It allows all Notes for a Group to be printed off in Title sequence, for ease of review.
      34. 09Q3: Ensured that the Notes Reading-list is generated from all 3 sub-topics.
      35. 09Q3: Functionally enhanced the Notes-generation processing options; to make niftier production possible. In particular, where individual Notes are selected, I made the re-generation of the cross-references optional (so that if only textual variation is being iterated, the iterations are quicker).
      36. 09Q3: Improved the performance of “All Notes” regeneration. The problem was with the generation of the generic reading lists based on Note Title. These only apply to the “Identity” Notes, and it was taking a long time to determine there was no list to produce.
      37. 09Q2: Added a table of Notes history at the end of each Note (ie. not just previous version) - to save tedious chaining
      38. 09Q1: Added reading-list (of works cited) at the end of the Note, as well as in the Printed Note
      39. 09Q1: Created optional "don't print" feature for specific footnotes.
      40. 09Q1: Fixed the problem of the overpopulation of the Notes directory
      41. 09Q1: Option for Notes-Regen:
        1. Changed-only
        2. Changed, and all impacted by Change
        3. All
      42. 08Q1: Allowed regeneration of Temp Notes only
      43. 07Q4: Added referenced Books / Papers as footnote jump table to Notes
      44. 07Q4: Added referenced reading lists to printable version of Notes
      45. 07Q4: Improve "Temp" note processing. Suppress "_T" suffix (just don't copy to Transfer)
      46. 07Q4: When a Note is archived, ensured a printable note is also archived51=26 (if this Note has a print)
      47. 07Q3: Created "respondent notes" - database identifier & red indicator + text
      48. 07Q3: Created52=27 a "quick lookup" table of responses to a note and its sub-notes (recursive function on Notes_Links)
      49. 07Q3: Enabled generation of printable version of Notes
      50. 07Q3: Made Note-change-history available on-line (added status + publishable flags)
      51. 07Q2: Added "footnote" pages53=30 for Carthusians & King's
      52. 07Q2: Added "outgoing links" summary footer to Notes pages
      53. 07Q2: Allowed two sorts of Note - document-specific ("Write-up") and general
    • Papers
      1. 18Q2: Papers associated with broken links:-
        1. Created an area to hold pdfs, and automated links thereto.
        2. Created a pop-up to say I'd remove such pdfs if requested by their authors.
        3. Consequently, haven't password protected the area yet.
      2. 18Q1: Correction of narratives on Note time-recording pseudo-papers
    • Photos
      1. 13Q2: Reduced the size of photos (to make the pages quicker to load).
    • Process
      1. 18Q2: Re-engineered Website Maintenance Dashboard54 to show extra topical links (and show them at the top of the page).
      2. 18Q1: Improved efficiency of daily changes regeneration (removed msgboxes)
      3. 18Q1: Wrote a routine to update a set of .htm files, replacing text in them all
      4. 15Q4: Created a consolidated processor to enable overnight regeneration of the whole website.
      5. 14Q1: Created a “Website Regeneration Dashboard” to show when the various elements of my website have been refreshed, and how long the routines took to run. Links to this appear in the footer to each webpage.
      6. 14Q1: Improved the regeneration routines for the various classes of webpage, and got them to record statistics in support of the “Website Regeneration Dashboard”.
      7. 09Q4: Set up my database system to roll forward to the next academic year, and generate web-pages appropriately.
      8. 09Q3: Created a “performance stats” database and routines to write to it – though I only implemented them for the Notes generator.
      9. 07Q2: Improved ease of FTP process by use of Transfer Directory
    • Search
      1. 17Q2: Wrote routines to create a cut-down Website excluding pages with irrelevant or duplicated information. Used this to create the ZoomSearch facility.
      2. 07Q4: Created search facility using ZoomSearch
    • Spider
      1. 18Q2: The Spider was generating WebRefs. Procedurally, this ought not to have been possible. It turned out to be because unprocessed55=9 references got added to the end of the last WebLinks_Tester_Brief page, which then got Spidered. I've stopped this happening, so hopefully the problem will not recur.
      2. 16Q4: Added “.shtml” and “.shtm” to the list of web-suffices.
      3. 15Q4: Finally cracked the Spider for external links, and used it to check the 3,000-odd links from my website. Some tidying up outstanding.
      4. 14Q4: Fixed the bug wherein the Spider ran out of system resources on large runs: now compacts & repairs the slave database as it does along (every 200k links; parameterised).
      5. 14Q3: Continued working on my Spider and started to use it to clean up my website by diagnosing broken links.
      6. 13Q2: De-bugged the Spider.
      7. 10Q2: Wrote my own Web Spider.
        1. It’s a little bit of a cheat, in that it doesn’t actually invoke the web-links, but crawls through my directory structure selecting all the .htm files, and rummages through the HTML looking for links which it then copies to a table.
        2. It also maintains a table of the directory structure and files therein, and then works out the real address from the relative addressing.
        3. It then allows cross-checking between the links and the files.
        4. Links external to the site have to be investigated manually (at least I have a list of all the links) – unless I can work out how to use the list to power a browser to check.
        5. There are about 333k links in 55k files – the full run took about 8 hours.
        6. It now runs incrementally based on file last-updated dates.
    • Status
      1. 18Q2: Added extra items to Functors to facilitate Quarterly Reporting:-
        1. Automatically calculated QTD & YTD time statistics in the quarterly reports.
        2. Provided a YTD task list for Status Reports for projects "in abeyance" to make reporting easier.
        3. Modified the statistics - to be just YTD - for YTD Status reports.
        4. Created table for - by Project - "Plans for the near future" tasks, and a functor to add them to the status report.
        5. Took "items competed" and "plans for the near future from the development log for the Web-tools status report.
        6. Created another functor to add these lists to the Summary report.
      2. 18Q1: Created web-page generator for Development items (ie. Created the Web-Project "To Do" List and "Outstanding Developments" directly from this list).
      3. 13Q3: Re-engineered Monthly Reporting on Change of Year
      4. 13Q2: Improved "This Month's Summary" Reporting
      5. 13Q2: Improved Quarterly Reporting
      6. 13Q1: Re-engineered Monthly Reporting Tables & improved Monthly Reporting
    • Technology
      1. 13Q3: Converted Tables to CSS3 standard
      2. 13Q3: Used CSS in all manually-crafted and automatically-generated pages
      3. 13Q1: Standardised to HTML556=25
    • Timesheets
      1. 17Q4: Separated Time Recording for Aeon
      2. 15Q1: Segregated time-recording so I can easily see how much time is spent developing and supporting my own website, and how much is spent on those of other organisations.
      3. 13Q3: Re-engineered Time-Recording, so that actuals are held against Papers (and Books) in a separate table, rather than as columns by year in the Papers / Books tables themselves. Retained the grand totals only.
      4. 08Q4: Updated Book totals from totals of the Papers contained therein
    • WebRefs
      1. 18Q2: Created Functor to add stats to Website Generator Documentation - Web Links57 page.
      2. 18Q1: Determined & reported usage directly using embedded +WnnnW+ encoding rather than via the Spider. Reconciled the two methods.
      3. 18Q1: Documentation & Bug-fixes: Phase 1
        1. Completed "as is" functional documentation so I could see what's going on.
        2. Re-engineered so it made sense and ran efficiently without bugs
        3. Fixed the obvious data errors that confused the statistics - ie. where the returned URL differs from that requested and https issues.
        4. Wrote / improved diagnostic reports (web pages)
      4. 16Q1: Some tidying up of the 3,000-odd external links from my website.
      5. 13Q2: Some pages render oddly in Chrome (and maybe other browsers) – investigated58=23.
      6. 10Q3: Improved the functionality for automatically generating external Web-links in Notes, Book Abstracts and Paper Abstracts. Corrected current data to accommodate the new code.
      7. 07Q2: Made Web Refs in Comments / Abstracts into Hyperlinks
  2. Other Websites: Completed Items By Category:-
    • Acts
      1. 16Q3: Developed a website for displaying the textual and grammatical analyses and appendices of Pete’s PhD on the Acts of the Apostles. Two versions: Live (Acts: Live Site) and Test (Acts: Test Site).
    • Bridge
      1. 17Q1: Added new features (70s Club & Monthly Pairs Winners) to my Bridge mini-websites.
      2. 17Q1: Created Master Point Lists & Promotions for the ECBA website.
      3. 16Q3: Revived the archive website for Mountnessing Bridge Club (Mountnessing Bridge Club Archive).
      4. 16Q1: Accommodated Alaric’s new scoring system for St. Edith’s.
      5. 16Q1: Created Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s ladders for my mini-websites.
      6. 16Q1: Reconciled my X-IMP calculations with a new feature provided by Bridgewebs.
      7. 15Q4: Segregated the Bridge website generators from those for my own website. They now live in separate databases and have their own documenters.
      8. 15Q3: Created a new website (using Bridgewebs) for the First Class Bridge Academy (First Class Bridge).
      9. 15Q3: Ported my “handicap / improvers” routines from Hutton to “Mini Websites”.
      10. 15Q2: Development of the “Eve Goblets” (victor ludorum) software for the ECBA, and roll-over to the new season.
      11. 15Q1: Further improvements to my Butler-IMPs and Cross-IMPs calculation routines.
      12. 15Q1: Started a project to provide small websites for bridge clubs without sites: Essex Bridge Results.
      13. 15Q1: Took on the ECBA Website (ECBA Website (Defunct)), at the cost of considerable effort by way of reformatting & tidy-up.
      14. 14Q4: Improvements to my Butler-IMPs and Cross-IMPs calculation routines – different formats, including the Jeff Smith format, and extension to Butler-scored Pairs events. This work has been taken up by the ECBA selectors for county-team selection.
      15. 14Q3: Created a suite of programs to extract data and calculate Butler-IMPs and Cross-IMPs from the travellers on Bridgewebs Teams events, and output ranking-lists to the Web.
      16. 13Q2: Merged59=24 Philosophy & Bridge Databases
    • Enigma
      1. 15Q3: Created a small website for a music group Julie and I attend – the Enigma Ensemble.
    • Sophie
      1. 15Q3: Completed the upgrade of Sophie Botros60=20’s website; see Sophie Botros.

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