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The majority of the materials available for my Languages project are listed below. The links to the “Categorised Lists” list everything that I’ve managed to catalogue, including works written in the various languages. The explicit lists show the more interesting (usually fairly recently-acquired) items, in particular the grammars and dictionaries:-

  1. All: Categorised List
  2. Amharic (Ethiopic): Categorised List.
  3. Anglo-Saxon: Categorised List.
  4. Arabic: Categorised List.
  5. Aramaic: Categorised List.
  6. Armenian: Categorised List.
  7. Chinese: Categorised List.
  8. Coptic: Categorised List.
  9. Danish: Categorised List.
  10. Dutch: Categorised List.
  11. Egyptian (Ancient): Categorised List.
  12. French: Categorised List.
    The following each come with 3 CDs:- I’ve probably a bunch of stuff hidden in the garage, but from the conversational perspective, are the most appropriate. Eventually I should look at
  13. German: Categorised List. The following each come with 3 CDs:- I also have:-
  14. Greek (Koine / New Testament): Categorised List. I also have the following,
  15. Greek (Modern): Categorised List.
  16. Hebrew (Classical): Categorised List.
  17. Hebrew (Modern): Categorised List.
  18. Hindi: Categorised List.
  19. Italian: Categorised List.
  20. Japanese: Categorised List.
  21. Latin: Categorised List.
  22. Persian: Categorised List.
  23. Portuguese: Categorised List.
  24. Russian: Categorised List.
  25. Sanscrit: Categorised List.
  26. Spanish: Categorised List. Supplemented by:- I also have three of my daughters’ books, ie:-
  27. Swedish: Categorised List.
  28. Syriac: Categorised List.
  29. Thai: Categorised List.
  30. Turkish: Categorised List.
  31. Yiddish: Categorised List.

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Footnote 1: I’ve probably got a lot more, but these were particularly interesting.

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