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Baker - The Human Animal: Big-Tent Metaphysics Brain Transplants Cerebrum Jen_080303 (Olson, Baillie) Olson - The Human Animal (Precis)
Olson - The Human Animal: Reply to Markosian Olson - What Are We? Physicalism Reduplication Objections Test Note - Auto-XRef
Thesis - Chapter 10 (Thought Experiments) Thesis - Current Stance Transplants Zimmerman - The Human Animal: Objections  

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Author Title Medium Source Read?
Baker (Lynne Rudder) In Favour Of the Constitution View Paper - Cited Low Quality Abstract Baker (Lynne) - Persons and Bodies, Chapter 9 Yes
Baker (Lynne Rudder) Persons and Bodies: A Constitution View Book - Cited (via Paper Cited) High Quality Abstract Bibliographical details to be supplied Yes

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