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Status: Music (Summary of Progress to Date)

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Sheet Music and Books on Music are summarised in the following lists:-

A useful site for listening to practice pieces is Spotify (Spotify).

Time spent since I (re-)started playing these instruments is recorded in my database (as pseudo-Papers) at the following links:- Note that (here, and in the table below):-
  1. “Administration” includes ordering and cataloguing new music, oboe reed, etc.
  2. The “music theory” includes reading the following:-

Works Played

  1. My oboe expertise has improved somewhat with practice, though I still have trouble with breath-control, and with playing for longer than 30 minutes at a stretch. It seems that the tone of the G, and especially the C, above middle C, has never been very good, though this now seems to be improving. Strangely, I’d never thought the oboe needed to be tuned against the piano, nor was I quite as clear how to vary the pitch so much by controlling the reed. So, I guess that’s progress. My focus continues to be on the mechanics of breathing, reed-control and tone, but is now moving on into other areas of musicality.
  2. Lessons: 30 to date, starting from April 2008.
  3. Practice pieces for the oboe:
  4. Also some elementary scales (C major; D major and minor; F major; and G major and minor; E-flat major).
  5. Finally, some re-engineering of the fingering for top C# and D – and now D# and E – I’m beginning to get used to these, which is an advance over my school days.
  1. I’ve been studying Piano since July 2008.
  2. Lessons: 22 to date.
  3. I reached the end of Book 1 of "Barratt (Carol) - The Classic Piano Course (Omnibus Edition: Books 1, 2 & 3)" in December 2008. Final piece: Fur Elise.
  4. From January – August 2009 I was assigned a Grade 2/3 book – "Agay (Denes) - Classics to Moderns (Volume 2)" – items as below.
    • Minuet from the Notebook of Anna Magdalena Bach,
    • Corelli – Gavotte,
    • Burgmuller – Arabesque,
    • Beethoven – Sonatina in G,
    • Tchaikovsky – Italian Song,
    • Beethoven – Ecossaise,
    • Couperin – Carnival,
    • Schumann – Melody,
    • Schumann – The Wild Horseman,
    • Kabalevsky - Waltz.
  5. Since September 2009 I have been assigned a Grade 3/4 book – "Agay (Denes) - Classics to Moderns (Volume 3)" – items as below.
    • Mozart – Rondo,
    • Schumann – First Loss,
    • Bach – Little Prelude In C, and
    • Schubert – Waltz.


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