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Status Reports - Status: Chess (2020 - March)

Rationale for this Project

Summary of Progress during January - March 2020
  1. I spent 13.5 hours in 20Q1 on this Project, or related work (43.25 hours YTD, where for "YTD" - Year to Date - I mean the (academic) year that commenced in October 2019). That's 26.4% of the planned effort (41.9% YTD). Overall, 2% of my Project effort in the Quarter was directed towards this project (making 3.2% YTD) - as against 6.8% planned (6.7% YTD).
  2. I spent about a quarter of the time allocated, mainly because of the encroachment of Bridge, which is easier and more fun, but also because of the noted loss of confidence and poor form.
  3. I played two gradable games in the last quarter, and lost both. I was crushed in the first by a player who turned out to be graded 199, so I decided to carry on for another game, which I lost to someone who looked like a junior-school boy and was graded 72. I’d earlier refused a draw and over-reached myself.
  4. I’ve been so fed up with the game I’ve put it on ice, and not even played through or recorded these last two games.
  5. I seem to have two main problems:-
    1. Firstly, my opening theory is non-existent, and this has resulted in cramped positions as black, or conceding quick equality as white.
    2. Secondly, in attempting to play in a more open manner than the stodgy and careful approach of my youth, I’ve left myself open to “tactics” that have resulted in the loss of a piece on many occasions. Sometimes these have arisen where I was routinely winning, and just failed to look at what my opponent was threatening.
  6. There’s no quick fix to either of these.
    1. The first requires opening preparation. There’s no reason why I shouldn’t do this.
    2. There ought to be a “quick fix” to the second, but “just concentrate” is easier said than done. It is said that blitz play sharpens your tactics, so I started to try this out – using 10-minute games against human opponents – on ( – but have not continued. I need to!
    3. I’ve purchased three books on general strategy and tactics for the club player – I just need to read them!
  7. While (subject to the caveat above) I do review my games – see2 my Consolidated Results – I’ve not spent much time on study or training.
  8. Progress (if any) in the current quarter can be obtained from the relevant section of my Summary Task List.

Chess (Total Hours = 13.5)
  1. Chess - Admin (Total Hours = 8.75)
    • 19Q4 Status Reports (1 hour)
    • Billericay Chess Club: Communications, Admin, Grading, etc. (4.75 hours)
    • Billericay Chess Club: Travel to Matches (3 hours)
      → See "Chess - Admin" (8.75 hours)
  2. Chess - Play
    • Chess - Billericay Chess Club - Southend League Match (3.75 hours)
      → See "Chess - Playing" (3.75 hours)
  3. Chess - Training
    • Chess - Training - Review Club games (1 hour)
      → See "Chess - Training" (1 hour)

Plans for the Near Future:
Summary of Progress to Date (since October 2018)
  1. I have now produced statistics similar to those for Bridge, my Consolidated Results. Follow the PGN links for the actual games.
  2. Also, see what comes “free” with The ECF Grading Database (
  3. Enough of an indication of progress has been given above, though see also my Chess Page.

In-Page Footnotes

Footnote 2:
  • Setting this page up was a useful advance in 19Q2, when I enabled the use of pgn4web Board Generator (
  • I found out how to link to analysis on ( in 19Q4.
Footnote 4:
  • This used to say "full participation", but I've let the team captain know that my focus is now on Bridge, and that - while I'm willing to "fill a board" - I don't want to take the place of anyone more enthusiastic.
  • In any case, there's now no over the board chess to be had.

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