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Ellis - Naturalism and Ethics

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  1. Ellis had a brief hand-out ("Ellis (Fiona) - Naturalism and Value (Take 2)") but also had a full paper which she read out carefully. Unfortunately, my notes don’t reflect the detail of what she had to say – always the difficulty of being the last of eight speakers, when the audience is beginning to wilt.
  2. Ellis was taught by an “arch-atheist” – David Wiggins.
  3. Value can be part of the natural world, but not scientifically explicable. Can go all the way to God.
  4. Naturalised Platonism – irreducible facts about value.
  5. Expansive naturalism: denies that value requires God.
  6. ”Enchanted naturalists”.
  7. Machines; moral intuition.
  8. The natural world – even the T-world – can accommodate value.
  9. "Robinson (John A.T.) - Honest to God" - avoids supernaturalism
  10. Ecstatic naturalism.
  11. To be continued1?

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Footnote 1: These jottings are gibberish – best to read "Ellis (Fiona) - Naturalism and Value (Take 2)". I will try to get hold of the full talk.

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Ellis (Fiona) Naturalism and Value (Take 2) Paper - Cited High Quality Abstract Religion and Naturalism, Heythrop College, 12 July 2010 Yes
Robinson (John A.T.) Honest to God Book - Cited Robinson (John A.T.) - Honest to God No

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