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James Le Fanu

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  1. My interest in James Le Fanu was piqued by "Le Fanu (James) - The Queen of Beasts", which seemed to show an intemperate mysterianism.
  2. For James Le Fanu himself, see James Le Fanu's Website and Wikipedia: James Le Fanu. He originally hails from Ampleforth and is presumably, like the Thomas Moore Institute, at which the talk below was given, a Roman Catholic.
  3. The talk,
    "Le Fanu (James) - Doubts About Darwin",
    and book,
    "Le Fanu (James) - Why Us? How Science Rediscovered the Mystery of Ourselves"
    are complaints that Darwinism is too facile a “solution” for completely explaining the full complexity of the biological world, though it’s not clear with what it should be supplemented.
  4. See "Alexander (Denis) - Review of 'Why Us?' by James Le Fanu" for a critique of the book by a more scientifically-minded Christian.
  5. After I’ve read his book - for which the talk is a plug - I will extract my footnotes appended to "Le Fanu (James) - Doubts About Darwin" into an updated version of this Note.
  6. Currently, the full text of the talk, with my footnotes, appears in the Note Le Fanu - Doubts About Darwin1.

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