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Status: HiQ (2021 - March)

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As this project is substantially in abeyance, this report is mostly generated automatically, with minor textual additions at the end of each academic year.

Rationale for this Project
  1. I was very active in Mensa and ISPE in the years prior to taking up formal study of philosophy at Birkbeck in 2000. Thereafter I was too busy, and no longer felt the need to contribute, so I let my memberships lapse.
  2. When I retired from HSBC at the end of 2010, and given that I was no longer involved in formal academic study, I re-joined both societies for a year to see how things were going, but then let my memberships lapse again.
  3. ISPE seemed no better than when I was involved last time. The Mensa SIGs seem active enough, but I didn’t have the time to contribute.
  4. I re-joined ISPE1 yet again for the calendar year 2017, to see what was going on, and renewed for 2018. Membership is cheaper – at $40 / year – now Telicom is electronic, so I’ve let my membership continue.
  5. Society Details:-
    • For Mensa – see Mensa. In 2010 I joined, or re-joined, a bundle of societies, but did nothing.
    • For ISPE – see ISPE. Since re-joining I have done nothing other than pay my dues and exchange friendly emails with a couple of old contacts.
    • For a site2 giving details of the various tests, and other Hi-Q information, see Uncommonly Difficult IQ Tests. The site doesn’t seem to have been updated since 2006.
    • See High-IQ Societies and their Tests for a site that gives the admission tests used for entry to ISPE and peer and “higher” societies (and which refers to the defunct site mentioned in the footnote above-mentioned).
  6. Between 1997 and 2001 I edited a newsletter (Commensal - Past Issues) in my capacity as secretary of the Philosophical Discussion Group of British Mensa.
  7. I also edited Under the Sycamore Tree3: Correspondence Folder for the UK Members and Associates of ISPE for a year around about the same time.
  8. My intention has been to participate in these societies just so far as doing so would support my other projects by way of stimulation and the opportunity for interaction. As such, most of the time recorded against this project could equally be recorded against others.

Summary of Progress during January - March 2021
  1. I spent 0.75 hours in 21Q1 on this Project, or related work (2 hours YTD, where for "YTD" - Year to Date - I mean the (academic) year that commenced in October 2020). That's 6% of the planned effort (7.8% YTD). Overall, 0.1% of my Project effort in the Quarter was directed towards this project (making 0.1% YTD) - as against 1.9% planned (1.8% YTD).
  2. HiQ

Summary of Progress during October 2020 – Date (YTD Activity4)
  1. HiQ (Total Hours = 2)
    • 20Q3 Status Reports (1 hour)
    • 20Q4 Status Reports (0.75 hours)
    • Admin - HiQ Societies - ISPE - Membership Dues (0.25 hours)
      → See "Admin - HiQ Societies - ISPE" (2 hours)
  2. As can be seen from the list above, this project has been completely inactive over the last period. While it is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future, I would like to make an effort over the next quarter – 21Q2 – to re-engage, as it may be a good forum to raise issues related to my Thesis, not to mention other pressing social and political issues.
  3. However, I did draft a Note on Intelligence5 for my Thesis.
  4. Progress (if any) in the current quarter can be obtained from the relevant section of my Summary Task List6, and YTD in the current & future “automatic” editions of this report.

Plans for the Near Future:

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03/07/2020 22:09:07 6619 Status: HiQ (2020 - June)
04/04/2020 00:14:24 6396 Status: HiQ (2020 - March)
19/01/2020 23:41:17 6370 Status: HiQ (2019 - December)
10/10/2019 23:58:34 5832 Status: HiQ (2019 - September)
14/07/2019 20:29:46 5325 Status: HiQ (2019 - June)
05/04/2019 10:36:29 5388 Status: HiQ (2019 - March)
06/01/2019 23:36:58 5459 Status: HiQ (2018 - December)
10/10/2018 16:43:41 5856 Status: HiQ (2018 - September)
09/10/2017 23:25:26 5232 Status: HiQ (2017 - September)
14/10/2016 22:14:53 3160 Status: HiQ (2016 - September)

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