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Note-Group Purpose: I wrote my “Christian Tractatus” when I first started having doubts about the truth of Christianity, and before I undertook formal philosophical training. I converted it into Note form, but it doesn’t work well that way. It’s a highly structured work, and it is “flattened” and randomised – into alphabetical order of title – in the Jump Table below. Additionally, the Note titles are too compressed to explain the underlying Notes. Best to read it from the top.

Click here for the explanation of the colouration in the table below.

Acts 28 Dispensationalism Appearance Belief Belief Retention Belief Transmission
Bible Bible - Divine Structure Bible - Internal Self-Consistency Bible - New Using Old Bible - Parallel Accounts
Bible - Parallel Non-discrepancies Bible - State of the Text Biblical Criticism Biblical Numerics & Chiasmus Biblical Reliability
Canon Certainty Chiasmus Christian Experience Christianity - What Is It?
Christianity - What It Is Complexity Consequences Consequentialism - Algorithms Consequentialism - Maximisation
Divine Deception Doubt Elegance Empirical Knowledge Experience
Experience 2 Experiments Experiments - Transcendence Experiments - Undecideability Experiments - Verification
External Reasons Extra-Biblical Tradition Extraordinary Events Faith Faith - Amount
Faith - Holy Spirit Faith - Irrational Faith - Leap Faith - Probability Faith - Reasons
Faith - Russian Roulette Falsehood (Reason) Final Anthropic Principle (FAP) Historical Change Historical Change - Dispensationalism
Historical Experience Historical Knowledge Historical Knowledge - Experience Historical Knowledge - Geology Historical Knowledge 2
Idealism & Solipsism Implicit Beliefs Implicit Beliefs - Knowledge + Understanding Implicit Beliefs - Recursion Inerrancy
Inerrancy - Importance Inerrancy - 'Mathematical' Innate Knowledge Internal Consistency Investigation
Investigative Effort Irrational Beliefs Irrational Beliefs 2 Kant Levels of Reliability
Miracles Miracles - Hume Modern Worldview Modern Worldview - Eternal Life Modern Worldview - Fundamentals
Modern Worldview - God Modern Worldview - Jesus Modern Worldview - Jesus' Resurection Modern Worldview - Problem Modern Worldview - Restoration
Modern Worldview - Salvation Modern Worldview - Sin Modern Worldview - Son of God Most Reliable Nomic Completeness
Non-theistic Ethics Non-theistic Ethics - Categorisation Non-theistic Ethics - Collective Non-theistic Ethics - Collective - Selfishness Non-theistic Ethics - Conformity
Non-theistic Ethics - Consequentialism Non-theistic Ethics - Ethics + Morality Non-theistic Ethics - Freedom Non-theistic Ethics - Good Non-theistic Ethics - Introduction
Non-theistic Ethics - Liberal Ironist Non-theistic Ethics - Maximisation Non-theistic Ethics - Morality Non-theistic Ethics - Opinion Non-theistic Ethics - Reflexivity
Non-theistic Ethics - Reflexivity - Golden Rule Non-theistic Ethics - Rules Non-theistic Ethics - Rules - Ends + Means Non-theistic Ethics - Wrong Numerics
Objective Experience Objective Experience - Development Objective Experience - Interpretation Occam's Razor Occam's Razor - Examples
Open Package Beliefs Paradigm Shifts Pascal's Wager Pascal's Wager - Fallacious
Perceptual Evidence Personal Experience Personal Experience - Contemporary Personal Experience - Contemporary 2 Personal Experience - Historical
Personal Experience - Importance Personal Experience - Numinous Perspicuity Perspicuity (Cautionary Maxims ) Perspicuity (Criteria)
Pervasive Error Physical Laws Practical Value Private Interpretation Probability
Probability - A Priority Probability - Cross-Domain Probability - Issues Probability - Practicality Problems
Problems - Bible Cosmogony Problems - Bible Cosmogony - Adam+Eve Problems - Bible Cosmogony - Age Problems - Bible Cosmogony - Biology Problems - Bible Cosmogony - Evolution
Problems - Bible Cosmology Problems - Bible Miracles Problems - Bible Miracles - Naturalism Problems - Bible Miracles - Testimony Problems - Bible Morality
Problems - Bible Morality - Heroes Problems - Bible Morality - Moses Problems - Bible Morality - New Testament Problems - Bible Morality - Reality Problems - Bible Ontology
Problems - Bible Psychology Problems - Bible Psychology - Animals Problems - Bible Psychology - Animism Problems - Bible Psychology - Fall Problems - Bible Psychology - Machines
Problems - Bible Psychology - Sin Problems - Bible Psychology - Souls Problems - Bible Teleology Problems - Bible Teleology - Naturalism Problems - Bible Teleology - Parallelism
Problems - Checking History Problems - Christianity Historical Problems - Cosmology - Miracles Problems - Dubious Events Problems - Egypt
Problems - Judges Problems - Patriarchs Problems - Primaeval History Public Statement Public Statement - Motivation
Purpose Purpose - Complexity Purpose - Meaningless Purpose - Persons Reason
Reason - Game Reason - Logic Reason - Mathematics Reason - Self-Evidence Reason - Sense & Reference
Reconstruction Reconstruction - All Costs Reconstruction - Fundamentalist Success Reconstruction - Modification Reconstruction - Morality
Regularity Reliability Reliability - Comparative Reliability - Evidence Reliability - Evidence - Ancient
Reliability - Experimental Reliability to Inerrancy Revelation Science Science - Activity
Science - Experimentation Science - Theories Science - Uniformitarianism Scientific Law Secondary Knowledge
Silence Simplicity Simplicity - Deceptive Simplicity - Example Simplicity - Explanation
Simplicity - GUTs Simplicity - Why? Simplicity and Truth Simplicity of Christianity Sola Scriptura
Spiritual Beings Spiritual Beings - Angels Spiritual Beings - Demons Strong Anthropic Principle (SAP) The Unexplained
True Belief-Set Truth Truth 2 Unnecessary Conflict Validation
Weak Anthropic Principle (WAP) Wittgenstein World World Views  

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See the list below for concatenated versions of all my Notes, broken down by category. The concatenation is now - on account of size - restricted to a list of properties rather than the full text. Where the list item is noted as "out of date by n days", this indicates that at least one of the associated Notes has been updated since the concatenation was undertaken, and that the earliest of these instances was n days ago:-

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  2. Birkbeck Supervisions
  3. Blog
  4. Control Pages
  5. Essays
  6. Personal Identity (Out of Date by 14 days)
  7. Status Reports (Out of Date by 14 days)
  8. Website Documentation
  9. Write-ups

Note Qualities: for an explanation of the colouration in the table above, see the table below! "Note Quality" is a new feature, is somewhat experimental, and subject to checking and refinement.

None Specified  
High Quality Note quality relates both to its intrinsic – albeit subjective – quality, and to its completeness and / or length. I’ll try to refine this over time. Also, as I only have 3 levels, it is relative. It is supposed to tell the reader whether it’s worth clicking and reading, and to remind me of work yet to be done! So, “High Quality” Notes are the best I’ve got – usually long and complete and – hopefully – worth reading. 
High Quality - PDF As above, but currently existing only as pdfs, awaiting conversion to Note format. As this is a laborious task, it’s work in progress. Most of these pdfs were produced during my undergraduate days in 2000 – 2003. 
Medium Quality “Medium Quality” Notes are usually those on which I’ve made significant progress but are still incomplete – being either still work in progress, or Notes that I got stuck on or bored with. Occasionally they are complete but short. 
Medium Quality - PDF As above, but currently existing only as pdfs, awaiting conversion to Note format. These were produced during my undergraduate days in 2000 – 2003, and were left incomplete because I ran out of time, or got bored or stuck. 
Low Quality “Low Quality” Notes are usually just place-holders, or Notes I’ve just started. 
Low Quality - PDF As above, but in pdf form. There shouldn't be any! 
Plug Note - With Reading List These may be quite extensive – particularly if they have worked-out reading lists – but usually contain the disclaimer: “A number of my philosophical Notes are “promissory notes” currently only listing the books and papers (if any) I possess on the topic concerned. I’ve decided to add some text – whether by way of motivation, or something more substantive – for all these identified topics related to my Thesis. As I want to do this fairly quickly, the text may be confused or show surprising ignorance. The reader (if such exists) will have to bear with me, and display the principle of charity while this footnote exists.” 
Plug Note - Reading List TBA As above, but the reading list is yet to be supplied. 

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