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Animadversions (27) Blog (78) Control (25) Essays (20) Personal Identity (221)
Status Reports (23) Supervisions (10) Website Documentation (38) Write-ups (150)  

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See the list below for concatenated versions of all my Notes, broken down by category. The concatenation is now - on account of size - restricted to a list of properties rather than the full text. Where the list item is noted as "out of date by n days", this indicates that at least one of the associated Notes has been updated since the concatenation was undertaken, and that the earliest of these instances was n days ago:-

  1. Animadversions (Out of Date by 17 days)
  2. Birkbeck Supervisions
  3. Blog
  4. Control Pages (Out of Date by 4 days)
  5. Essays
  6. Personal Identity (Out of Date by 17 days)
  7. Status Reports (Out of Date by 17 days)
  8. Website Documentation
  9. Write-ups (Out of Date by 17 days)

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