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These are the papers on the subject of Personal Identity (and related topics) that I've collected, sorted by Sub-Topic. My intention is to provide abstracts for them all, with jumping off points for further thoughts. However, this might take several lifetimes.

Author Title Priority Abstract Source Pages Read?
Button (Tim) Wittgenstein on Solipsism in the 1930s: Private Pains, Private Languages, and Two Uses of ‘I’ 3 Abstract
Medium Quality AbstractMore
Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplements, Volume 82 (Metaphysics) - July 2018, pp. 205-229 25 5%
Fogelin (Robert) Wittgenstein on Identity 3 Abstract
Medium Quality AbstractMore
Fogelin - Philosophical Interpretations (Chapter 11) 17 .
Garrett (Brian) Wittgenstein and the First Person 4 More
Australasian journal of Philosophy, 73 # 3: 347-355. 9 .
Garrett (Brian) Wittgenstein on 'I' 2 Abstract
Medium Quality AbstractMore
Garrett - Personal Identity and Self-consciousness, 1998, Chapter 8 14 Yes
Hanfling (Oswald) Wittgenstein and the Problem of Consciousness 2 More
Birkbeck Philosophy Society, 30th October 2001 10 .
Ming-Yang (Michael) Privacy, Individuation, and Recognition 4 Abstract
Medium Quality AbstractMore
Sorites 13, October 2001: 90-98 9 .
Stern (David G.) Heraclitus' and Wittgenstein's River Images - Stepping Twice Into The Same River 3 Abstract
Low Quality AbstractMore
The Monist, Vol. 74, No. 4, Heraclitus (October 1991), pp. 579-604 26 5%
Todman (Theo) Thesis - Wittgenstein 1 Abstract
Medium Quality AbstractMore
. 10 Yes
Williams (Christopher) Wittgenstein; Identity Not a Relation 4 Abstract
Medium Quality AbstractMore
Williams (Christopher) - What is Identity? Chapter 2 22 .
Winch (Peter) Eine Einstellung Zur Seele 1 More
Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, Vol. 81, (1980 - 1981) (pp. 1-15) (Presidential Address) 15 Yes

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