1 Corinthians Abortion Androids Animal Rights Animalism
Animals Artifacts Astronomy Baker Biological Criterion
Biological View Bodily Continuity Body Body Criterion Brain
Brain Criterion Brain Death Brain State Transfer Brain Transplants Brains in Vats
Buddhism Cartesian Ego Causality Cerebrum Change
Chimera Clinical Observations Clones Closest Continuer Coincidence
Commissurotomy Computing Concepts Connectedness vs Continuity Consciousness
Constitution Constitution View Contingent Identity Continuity Convention
Corpses Counting Persons Criteria of Identity Cyborgs Death
Definite Descriptions Degrees of Personhood Dicephalus Dion and Theon Disembodied Existence
Dualism Duplication Embryo Endurantism Essentialism
Ethics Evolution Exdurantism Existence Explanation
Fetuses Fiction First-Person Perspective Fission Forensic Property
Free Will Functionalism Fusion Future Great Pain Test General Surveys
Holes Homo Sapiens Human Beings Human Persons Hume
Hylomorphism Identity Immortality Indeterminate Identity Individual
Information Intermittent Objects Interregnum Kant Kinds
Language Language of Thought Leibniz Lewis Life
Life After Death Locke Logic of Identity Makropulos Case Matter
Meaning Memory Mereology Metamorphosis Methuselah
Mind Modality Multiple Personality Disorder Narrative Identity Natural Kinds
Naturalism Near Death Experiences Neuroscience Nihilism Numerical Identity
Occasional Identity Olson Ontology Organisms Origins
Out of Body Experiences Parfit Perdurantism Persistence Persistence Criteria
Persistent Vegetative State Person Personality Phase Sortals Physical Continuity
Physicalism Probability Problem of the Many Process Metaphysics Properties
Psychoanalysis Psychological Continuity Psychological Continuity - Forward Psychological Criterion Psychological View
Psychology Psychopathology Quantum Mechanics Quasi-Memory Reductionism
Reincarnation Relative Identity Relativity Replication Resurrection
Scattered Objects Science/Methodology Self Self-Consciousness Semantics
Ship of Theseus Siliconisation Similarity Simple View Sleep
Sorites Sortals Soul Criterion Souls Space & Relativity
Statue and the Clay Substance Supervenience Survival Taking Persons Seriously
Teletransportation Temporary Intrinsics Thinking Animal Argument Thisness (Haecceity) Thought Experiments
Tibbles the Cat Time Time Travel Transhumanism Transplants
Tropes Twinning Unclassified Unity of the Person Universals
Vague Identity Vagueness Wantons What are We? What Matters
Wiggins Wittgenstein Zombies Zygote .

To access information, click on one of the links in the table above (if any).

These are the papers on the subject of Personal Identity (and related topics) that I've actually read, sorted by sub-topic. My intention is to provide abstracts for them all, with jumping off points for further thoughts.

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