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I’ve made an attempt to categorise my accumulated papers by subject, topic and sub-topic. Herewith is the full list of philosophy - and other - papers, segregated by sub-topic. Book chapters are broken out in many cases, where I could be bothered, otherwise a book is represented by a single entry. In that case, if the 'paper' has no Abstract, the Book Abstract is given instead.

Author Title Priority Abstract Source Pages Read?
Farzad (Narguess) Complete Modern Persian 1 Abstract
High QualityMore
Farzad (Narguess) - Complete Modern Persian 296 25%
Ling Learn Persian 1 Abstract
Medium QualityMore
Ling Website & App 1000 7%
Wikipedia Persian Alphabet 1 Abstract
Medium QualityMore
Wikipedia, December 2020 10 33%

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